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Enlarged Gallbladder, Doctors No Help

I have suffered from chronic abdominal pain for several years.  Earlier on when my pain started I visited my doctors and we went through several tests which ended nonconclusive.  My parents and I would've persued the matter further, but several things got in the way and I just dealt with my pain inwardly.  Now lately my stomach pain as returned and it is just as bad, if not worse, than before.  I'm only 17 and going through high school with this problem has been complete and utter hell.  Just last week I visited my doctor again who was leery to start tests again with the fear that we would get the same results, but when the results of my CT Scan came bad they found that I have a mildly enlarged gallbladder as well as enflamed ovaries (with small cysts).  So in order to follow up with that they did an ultrasound of which my results just came in and nothing was found to be wrong.  My doctors have basically given up on me and chalked it up to growing pains, but I just have a feeling that what I've got is more than just another ache.  I can hardly eat anything because I'm constantly scared about how my stomach will take it (which is usually bad- I'm constantly running to the bathroom after I eat even medium sized meals), and after my last CT Scan my body seemed to reject the barium that I was given (my doctors think I'm allegeric, but they won't do a followup).  I'm am an average sized teenager with basically no other complaints when it comes to health, but lately I've become dizzy, lost some weight, and had nausea along with random heat waves that leave me breathless along with my pain.  I'm at my wits end as to what to do and my doctor's are absolutely no help whatsoever. If anyone could help me or at least give me a hint as to what I can do I would be extremely greatful!
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Kelly, does anyone in your family have a history of either gallbladder issues or possibly a food intolerance issue like celiac disease? Have you tried to figure out if either fatty foods, or foods containing wheat, rye, barley and oats cause you problems?

Is there any GI issues that 'run' in your family? Are you on any meds at all?

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CalGal, the only medical history in my immediate family that I know of is my mom's cancer and my dad's tendency for acid reflux (which I have as well).  I try and stay away from foods like dairy (brings diarrhea) that can trigger my pain, but even when I don't eat it comes back two-fold.  As of now I'm not on any meds, probably because I have a horrible time trying to swallow pills, and I'm thinking of switching to a new doctor who may be able to help me more...hopefully.  Is there any way that any of that information can help?  Thank you!
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Hi Kelly:

You've been through so much at such a young age; I'm so sorry you are suffering.  If the last CT-Scan had findings and your Doctors aren't pursing those findings, perhaps a second opinion is in order.  

A mildly enlarged gallbladder can cause pain.  Inflammation of ovaries and/or small cysts can also cause pain.  Symptoms like dizziness, weight loss, diarrhea and nausea should be investigated further, though.  Since the Ultrasound was normal, I would ask them to re-run it at the very least.  

Have you been adhering to a low-fat diet?  As CalGal mentioned, perhaps if food sensitivities are at the root of your symptoms, allergy testing might be an option.

I don't understand why they took the time to follow-up a CT with an ultrasound and then ignored the initial CT findings.  You don't sound like the type of kid who goes to the Doctor for every hang nail and tummy ache.  You seem grounded, articulate and intelligent, so I would definitely pursue answers.  If you answer CalGal's questions, she will likely provide a thorough response.  She is brilliant and she knows more than anyone else I've ever seen on this board.

Good luck and God bless,

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Thank you so much.  My parents and I are definately looking into other doctors around our and area and are considering some in St. Louis, so your advice for a second opinion will not go unheard.  As for my doctors dismissing the first CT Scan, who knows exactly what they're thinking?  We've been dealing with this issue for so long that I think it is time for a fresh new perspective.  My mom also read CalGal's advice for allergy testing and thinks a great idea and worth definately worth a shot.  Plus, with the new knowledge that I got that involves a history of colon cancer in my family there's several more options that we can look into as well.  It's nice to see people on this site who aren't as narrow minded when it comes to medical answers as my doctors seem to be.
Thanks to all who have answered my reply, you've both given me a more hope in the idea that maybe I won't be stuck in the same predicament for the next couple years of my life.  :)
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I also forgot to mention (and maybe I should have in my first post) that when I was getting my ultrasound done, the tech said that my stomach was full.  This was after 8 hours of fasting without food and drink.  The only thing I had ate in the past 20 hours was a few dounut holes for breakfast and a half bottle of water.  The tech was almost sure that I had ate, and said that the fact that I had chewn maybe one piece of gum in that time wouldn't create that much saliva to fill my stomach.
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Hi Kelly:

You know, it sounds like you had a technician who either wasn't very experienced or wasn't a very skilled practitioner.  It is such a shame when someone who has a legitimate problem, like you, doesn't get the care they deserve because of malpractice, inexperience and/or ignorance.  If they re-run the test, though, skip the water and the donut hole (just to be on the safe side).  =)  If my comments have helped at all, I'm very grateful.  If you want to chat or vent, feel free to write or post anytime.  Your parents, too.  It's so difficult to watch a loved one suffer.  I'm a pretty good listener and I absolutely understand what you are going through.  I sincerely hope you can get back to living life instead of watching it pass you by.

All the best,

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