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Erosive esophagitis After H pylori eradiaction

42 yo male.
20/02/2012: Dx : gastritis, h-Pylori +
Endoscopy: Chronic active gastritis with erythema
28/03/2012: finiched 7 days HP-PAc tritherapy.
25/05/2012: Breath test negative ....but
endoscopy the same day: Erosive esophagitis grade A , ; (
I read a lot of research talking about the relationship between the eradiaction of H-Pylori and the onset of reflux esophagitis.
Do someone know about the prognosis of this condition in long term period .
I'm feling like trading one bad condition with another.

Thanks in advance
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Welcome to the gastroenterology community!  Were you rechecked for H Pylori during the endoscopy in additon to the breath test?  Esophagitis can definitely be improved or "cured".
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Hi and thx for your fast answer.

Yes the GE took biopsies just to be sure that h-pylori is gone.
I'm really confused right now because i've never had any Gerd or any kind of heartburn before HP eradication.
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It is possible that the H pylori "set-off" your stomach causing the GERD.  This might get better over time.
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