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Esophageal spasms and hormones

I've been suffering from esophageal spasms for 10 years now.  Strange thing is it usually occurs during ovulation time.  I also have reflux, anxiety, and endometriosis.  I've had a laparoscopy for the endometriosis a few times, and I think the spasms may have improved for a while after.  I also had an endometrial ablasion a few years ago that lessened my periods.  Now my periods are coming back, and I'm getting some lower back pain again.  I'm guessing it's the endometriosis coming back, and now my esophageal spasms are back every month again, right on ovulation day.  I'm on Nexium, which doesn't help at all.  I tried .5 Klonopin (tranquilizer), and that seemed to help some, but didn't cure the spasms.  I have an appointment with an endocrinologist soon.  Hoping they have some answers for me.  Anyone else here feel their esophageal spasms are triggered by hormone changes?

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