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Esophagus gurgling noises

I am 21 and I've had acid relux/ GERD since I was 2 weeks old. My esophagus has been making uncontrollable noises since I can remember. I have visited many doctors and no one has ever been able to tell me what is causing the gurgling noises from my esophagus I have so unlovingly dubbed "Gus". It happens when it is quiet and especially at night. I have tried changing my diet and every perscription and over-the-counter acid reducing medication available. I have had multiple tests that have only confirmed that I have GERD but nothing else.  Nothing will make "Gus" go away, and no test has be able to discover what is causing the noise. I have never been able to burp and I haven't puked in years (not that I'm complaining). I would just really like it to go away, but haven't found a doctor that can help me. Anyone have any suggestions on getting it to cease? Im tired of feeling sick, feeling like im going to puke at night, having bad breath, feeling bloated, taking multiple doses of antacids and having "Gus" interupt my life.
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I just recently started pursuing an answer for this problem myself.  I get the throat gurgles and have never been able to burp. When I looked this up I found there is something called dysfunction of the belch reflex.  Anyway, I brought this up to my GI doc and he asked me what triggers it (certain types of food, air, etc.) and try to avoid those things.  It comes down to gas for me as opposed to acid reflux (which I also have) and he has me taking a small daily dose of simethicone (such as gas-x).  Too soon to tell how helpful this is going to be, but just wanted to share what I have learned.

Side note: most people find it amusing that I can't burp.  There are times I really wish I could!
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I've had this problem for 7 years now and all my symptoms are the same, gurgling, no burping, vomiting etc etc. I also have the hiatial hernia which I reckon doesn't help although my doctors wouldn't repair it saying to do so often antagonises acid reflux, which clearly is not what we are suffering from.

I can't offer any answers, but I can tell you what helps me. Diet is a big factor for me, however not the usual "cut diary, bread, caffeine" stuff. Tea and coffee doesn't antagonise it, I think alcohol does, but I think that's a combination of this problem and IBS. By the way, a good way of establishing if you have IBS (as well as having this issue) is if you can actually feel your bowels when they are working. In other words if you can point at a part of your stomach and say "right there is where something is going on" because you can feel your bowels 'wobbling' (for want of a better word) then you probably have IBS.

Anyway, for me I have found that I can't eat solid food at lunch time. I can eat soup and liquid foods but if I have a sandwich or anything solid the gurgling will have me in bed by dinner. So every day for lunch I have a smoothie and a yoghurt. (Hence why I know dairy isn't a problem, the yoghurt doesn't upset me). Breakfast doesn't bother me, I always have toasted brown bread with butter and cheese. If I have a small dinner I'm fine. This may not work for you, but it's made a huge difference to me. Obviously its very restrictive because I can't eat solids but I guess it's the price we pay. For what I don't know.

So you can see my diet is not what any doctor would recommend but it's something I worked out that works for me, partly I reckon because I never actually ate lunch as a child, I was very fussy and genuinely never was hungry. I reckon my stomach is used to not having a lunch and that eating at that time upsets its balance.

If you're gurgling starts and you're in work so you can't lie down, lean back in your chair and position yourself as close to a lying position as you can. Slouching makes it worse, sitting up straight can keep it at bay but when it starts I find leaning back can keep it at bay until I can lie down.

I hope you can find something that helps you, I know how horrible this affliction is. Hopefully we can find a cure: I'm off to research it now.
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