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Excess Bile in stool


I was in an accident 7 years ago and ever since, I have had a burning stabbing pain in the lower left side. I have had CT scans, and a colonoscopy and the CT found I just recently had very mild diverticulitis. The meds helped but the pain is still there all the time. The Colonoscopy was done last August and they found I had flush well but there was an excess amount of bile flowing and didn't see any diverticulitis at the time.

My stools are usually loose and vary pale and the water turns bright yellow even without urine being present. When they are very loose, it is mostly yellow liquid that comes out.

I saw a GI and they said they don't know why the pain is there and that I just have to live with it. I have tried anti-spasmodics, anti-depressants (to raise the pain threshold?) and numerous other meds but nothing works. The pain doubles me over at times and when the GI was poking he found that the right lower side was much more painful to pressure. It doesn't hurt unless pressed but when pressed it goes to an 10+ on the 1-10 scale. I also have pain in the upper right just under the ribs when pressed.

Just for some history, within 2 days of the accident, I started living on adrenaline and found after a year of tests that my thyroid got damaged and the adrenaline was my bodies way of compensating. I also didn't have a solid movement for 7 years after the accident and last fall I tried Activia and it got me mostly solid now. The adrenaline stays normal as long as I am on the right dose of Synthroid.

When I started having solid movements, I got reactive hypoglycemia. If I empty out it goes away and it only comes back when my gut is full. I can't sit up straight without getting a bolas of glucose (glycogen) dumped into my system. That triggers the reactive hypoglycemia and I crash. I was at the University hospitals Endocrine research center when we discover that. They have no idea why it happens and sent me to the GI.

I also have fatty liver even though I don't ever drink and haven't drank any alcohol in 10 years. I don't smoke or do any drugs except Synthroid. I am slightly overweight for my size (about 25 lbs).

When this all started I was in top shape and riding my bike 20 miles a day and eating very healthy.

Now I live on the Atkins diet and still can't make it through the night without getting low sugar and waking up to have to eat a snack.

Please help me get somewhat of a normal life back. If I could just sleep through the night I'd be OK with the rest.
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