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Excessive Burping

Hello everyone, I am yearning for someone who can relate or provide possible help. I burp at least a 1000 times a day. I've had my complete GI track checked and they have found no signs of anything harmful. This has been going on for almost a year now , and it seems to have gotten worse over the last 7 months. I am drained from burping so much when it comes to energy. It's almost like burping episodes, I burp and burp to the point that it feels like I am about to gag. I notice , i burp less when i am eating , but regardless of what I eat , it still happens. I've changed my diet, tried different breathing techniques, and yet this still happens. It is truly depressing and concerning. My doctors cant find anything to connect this too. I've seen two different GI docs, tried Baklifen , and a antibiotic. Can anyone relate or has anyone found a solution to try. I am desperate.

Thanks in advance
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I've had H Pylori a couple of times and that tends to cause excessive belching, especially after eating and I've read that some types of bacterial overgrowth might cause belching/burping.  Ask your doctor to test for Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO).

In addition, be careful when chewing to be careful you don't take in extra air.  
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Wowza!  Over 1000 times a day is certainly a lot.  Over the legal limit?  That seems like that has to be considered excessive!!  Now, I've read that being stressed can increase burping as you swallow more air, so reducing your stress is something often recommended. You are probably way over easy explanations like that, I'm sure. You've addressed your diet?  Fatty food diets have a bigger chance of this type of thing happening.  And treating for acid reflux may help.  IBS has also been associated with excessive belching.  Check out this article.  https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/325121#aerophagia-or-supragastric-belching  It also mentions two types of breathing that allow air into the esophagus and result in belching. I'd personally keep bugging your doctor to dig deeper for the underlying cause.  
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