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Excessive foul smelling gas

I had a 3/4 colon resection,which means they took 3/4 of my colon out,after the surgury I have excessive foul smelling gas,a small appetite, and very loose stools, I have tried everything probiotics,yogurt,beano,levbid a perscription to slow my colon,But I still have embarrassing smelly gas like sewage that just lingers.I don't know what to do it's hard to live with and work. I have no appetite, but am also afraid to eat so I keep loosing weight almost 15 pounds now,I need some answers cause i went to different doctors and noone has helped,I'm getting desperate,so please someone HELP!  By the way, I had the surgury a year ago! Long time problem. Thank you, ElKara!
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Welcome to the gastroenterology community!  Why did you have the colon resection?
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   Have you tried taking GasX or Peptmo Bismol? I find that both of those help me when I get excessively gassy. Also, certain foods can cause a lot of excessive gas like baked beans, broccoli,cabbage. Sometimes dairy products like cheese or ice cream can produce gassing. You may want to change your diet and avoid the foods you know give you huge amounts of gas.

   Also, you may want to contact an gastroenterologist to determine what other conditions may be causing this foul smelling gas in your system. He may prescribe an antibiotic or some other medication to help calm your stomach and release this gas out of your system.

One other thing you may consider trying: You stated that you had loose stools. Try taking an over the counter remedy called Metamucil which will help bulk up your stools and make them more solid. It's a powder that you can ,ix with water or any other liquid beverage that will help produce a more solid stool.
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