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Experience chronic pain due to stones.

Hello! I'm a 29 year old female. I eat well (also have celiac's disease so that keeps me on a strict diet) and I exercise. In October last year I had my gallbladder removed. Since I was about 19 I would have intense pains sporadically, which became more frequent in recent years. I've now learned that pain was gallstones getting caught in my common bile duct. Prior to my gallbladder being removed I had an ERCP to clear stones (16 were removed) and a stent was put in place to keep everything draining well. Since October I have had three more emergency ERCPs to remove more stones. My last procedure was in early February and currently I have a stent in from that procedure. I won't be due to get it removed until May. I am once again feeling the same pain I've been experiencing for years, which I now believe is stones not passing through my common bile duct correctly. I have seen three Gastro Specialist and followed up with the surgeon that removed by gallbladder. No one can tell me why I am still producing stones or what I can do to resolve this pain until that is figured out. Should I be changing my diet? Previously I was on a paleo diet which was great for digestion, but I found these attacks would occur pretty intensely after a few weeks of this diet (maybe because of a lot of high/healthy fat foods?). Now I am just staying gluten free but eating more variety. I can't tell what is triggering these attacks. I can't keep going to the ER for minor attacks, but I also can't continue to have pain every day... What should I do?
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Geez, we'd hope that having our gallbladder would eliminate the problem!  That stinks that it doesn't always.  Apparently, you CAN still get stones after gallbladders are removed.  What I've read is that you form gallstones when there is too much cholesterol in the bile and that that usually happens in the gallbladder but ALSO can happen in the ducts that connect the liver and stomach.  So, what about skipping cholesterol laden food, doing low fat protein? Personally, I'd consider a nutritionist bringing your medical history to them.  Also, there is something called bile acid reducing sequestrents that reduce cholesterol.  .
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