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Explosive diarrhea for 8 hours after food poisoning

Hey, let me just do a run through.

I had food poisoning on Sunday night, and started puking all night after dinner, not much of diarrhea. After puking 3 times, naive me thought I’d be fine, but I couldn’t handle it.

I visited the doctor on Monday evening and he prescribed me an energy drink in the form of a powder, charcoal pills, vomiting pills and diarrhea pills.

Prior to that, I subsided a fever on my own with paracetamol.

Today (Tuesday), I have terrible explosive diarrhea since 2pm. However there’s no solid feces, just pure gas and mucus. It’s 10pm now and i’m on the toilet while writing this. Is this normal ?

I’ve been eating nothing but bread. I had yogurt and yakult in the evening thinking that the probiotics could help in some way.

I’m surprised the doctor did not prescribe any sort of antibiotics.

I’m a student and I have a test coming up on Thursday. I ran to the toilet like every 20 minutes just to release the gas, and I had 6 hours of classes today. How long more am I expecting this to go on ? Should I go back to the doctor ?
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