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Extreme Nausea

My poor mum has been suffering constant nausea for nearly two years now. It is 24/7 but she is never actually sick. Every couple of days she will have a wave come over her when she feels even worse than before and will have really bad migraines. This will then last for 4-5 days. She has put on weight or rather her whole abdomin is swollen and bloated. She looks about 9 months pregnant. She also feels a constant pressure in the area too. She can't actually suck in her stomach she feels that swollen. She has been tested for all pathogens and her organs are in healthy working order (except her liver. although, only very slightly abnormal and her local GP says that it would not account for the severity of her symptoms and they length of time she's been feeling ill). Her local GP has told her that he has given all the tests that he can possibly carry out. She has been given various anti sickness tablets. The doctor has given her the best he can prescribe. Yet she still feels sick. Now she's been waitng for 4 months now to see a specialist in Gastroenterology. Does anyone have any ideas? She is very desperate for any indication for what it might be especially when it will probably be many more months before she sees a specialist.....xx
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Has she had her gallbladder checked??  If CT, ultrasound are normal get her to ask for a HIDA scan... could be the function of the gallbladder causing this.
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Hi Jax thank you for responding. She's had a blood test for her gallbladder and nothing showed up that was abnormal. However, she hasn't yet had a CT, ultrasound or HIDA scan.
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