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Extreme gas - related to anxiety possibly

This may sound silly, but I have been suffering from gas whenever I am around groups of people and everything is quiet; taking exams and the whole room
is quiet and other things. I have been suffering from this for two years, and it’s been impacting my life horribly. I can’t focus on school, and my grades have been dropping due to this. I went from As to Cs and Ds due to not focusing on my exams and rather trying not to fart and embarrass myself... it’s horrible. I’ve managed to stop this by not eating lunch on schooldays, and eating a whole lot when I get home. It’s horrible. Instead of gas I get my stomach growling and that is just as embarrassing as my gas. I know this may sound stupid, but does anyone have any tips for me to help me? I really want for this to stop and to have a normal schoolife again. Please; anything will help.
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That was me when I was eight grade and ninth grade ( loud but not stinky) but it got worst to nonstop  smelling and loud. Do you have any anxiety symptom? Like heart race , sweating hand, shaky hand  and other more. If not, check ur vitamin, I recently discover that I have low vitamin d and that may be the cause ( I think ). And try joining in a activity like soccer  basketball to distract urself. I join 2 month ago kickboxing and yoga class, just to distract me from my stomach.
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