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Extreme gas, related to anxiety???

-protip, The gas is the only thing i really want gone the most  ive tryed things like gas-x to no sucess (xanax works, but i am not prescribed them)

Hi, im 17 years old, ive had this problem for about 3-5 years now, not so sure how long its been i dont feel like doing the math, but its been since i was in eighth grade. I can rememberf the day like it was yesterday, i was sitting in health class and all of the sudden i started getting this gas that i couldnt stop, not loud like obvious farts, just like silent slow seeping gas, that i cant seem to stop no matter how hard i try. This happens when im around people (especially girls) , like if i have to sit infront of people in class or something it gets really bad, This is so terrible to have at my age, i feel as if im being robbed of my Golden years. I was really popular and had alot of friends before feeling this and now its like nobody even remembers me, I have dropped out of school because of this and its really destroying my life, ive been to gastro doctors and had blood tests and all of that, they tell me im normal, besides and ulcer or something in my stomach, which they say shouldnt cause the gas.   Thid happens EVERYDAY, im tired of it, sometimes i think about what my life would be like had i never gotten this sickness, disease. I AM NOT A DRUG ADDICT, but just as a test i took a xanax from a friend to see if it was anxiety, and guess what...... The gas stopped when i took it. I dont understand how this can happen, Is it all in my mind???? am i going crazy??? sometimes i have to ask myself these questions.    I had a hard childhood and i was for the most part normal until that day in 8th grade. I get real nervous when im about to go out or something with my friend because I KNOW IT WILL HAPPEN, this is the worst feeling. It makes you feel as if your friend dont want to hangout with you or something just cause you have it, and i also feel guilty being around them because lets be honest who wants to sniff a fart all day. Over the past years i found myself hiding in my room trying to stay away from civilazation because i DONT want to be the stinky kid, and ruin my whole reputation over something i didnt ask for...... Sometimes i wonder why god would do this to me, Is he trying to teach me a lesson??? sometimes this makes me even question if there is a god, i beg him for a cure or help Often and he never answers back, i mean if god is real how could he do this to me, Ive never done anything to deserve this, in fact my whole life for the most part has been crap so he should give me a break. Anyhow this isnt a religious site so ill stick to topic and explain more in depth what i feel when this goes on, because ive been trying to analyze it more and more over the years tyo understand and hopefully try to conqour. When this is going on sometimes i feel a burning in the middle of my chest, almost as if something is evaporating in my stomach and i can feel it.  I find myself Yawning alot when im not even tired. I cannot sit anywhere around people, My butt feels so unconfortable, Anywhere, no matter how conforable the chair i still get this gas around people and i dont understand.  Sometimes i try to burp to see if it calms the gas from coming out the stinky end, ..........No help.....   it still happens   -    I noticed the musle in my chest are a little bit uneven, i dont know if this has anything to do with it   -    Sometimes, i get a really sharp "eletric" type shock feeling in my left shoulder blade.        Sometimes when im sitting and the gas starts and i try to reposition the way im sitting it helps the gas a little.    The gas does not happen as much whem im standing.   or behind people, like if im sitting in the back of the class, or back of the bus, then again sometimes it doesnt stop if people are near me.  When someone is behind my back or something real close too me is when it REALLY kicks in, like if im sitting front seat of a car and someone is behind me, OMG id rather just not be there, then have to feel the way i do when im in the situation, which is why i mostly try to stay away from people, and why i dropped out of school..i am for the most part healthy, 17 year old male, 130 lbs.   i just dont understand how or why this would happen to someone like me, the way i was living, i was a legend where i lived, everybody loved me, and it just started taking over my mind... I just want some answers, some help already please.  When i have to poop it gets alot worse , the gas is alot  more abundant and id image its more smelly, but hers another weird thing that i dont understand


My doctors are useless, they refer me to different doctors and tell me nothing is wrong i am fine.
I went to a shrink for about 2 visits and decided i didnt want to go anymore just because it felt unconfortable Talking to some lady about my life, Like what does she know its not like she is living with this disease, or overcame it

Also there is mental symptoms, im not sure if its because of the gas, or the gas is because of the mental problems, but sometimes i feel afraid to say stuff, and i just feel not myself, i find myself thinking in my head alot of the time im around people and feeling awkwardly unconfortable. The best way i can su this up is its like im fighting for control of my brain, my brain just wants to focus on the gas and what other people are thinking while verything around me goes on with life, im just left sitting there quiet thinking about what im feeling right now.  The hiding away from people because of my gas is hard, sometimes i feel like it doesnt help but just worsens it because then i have less human interactiong, but i really dont want people to see me like this, its like my life has been one constant stress since i got this and i beleive its going to make me die young, Stress is no good for the body and thats all i know anymore is stress and pain, because i dont ever feel happy or excited about anything because i know my stomach is going to act up everywhere i go and ruin the mood.

Its funny how i looked at life before this, I couldnt understand how such small things could have such big reprecussions until this happened to me, like some people dont chose their lifestyle and some things are just brought unto them. This has helped me alot become a more passive person, and understand peoples struggles, like before you might find me once in a while making fun of someone becaue the way they smell or look but now that i have this problem its like WOW maybe they didnt choose it, so now i very rarely/never judge people, thats one of the only ways this has helped me.   It has sucked the life out of me literally, i dont even feel like me anymore, the old Kyle i knew is long gone i think to myself,          

And i wonder will this ever go away .....

I plan to join the marines in a couple years, and i dont know how that experience will be with this going on, i dont know if i have the will power to make it. Peoples thoughts about me really get to me,  Like  if i did join the marines owuld they know me as the STINKY marine????  or would they think of me as one of them, a normal guy just trying to make it.  Sometimes i feel like the gas makes people think i  Pooped myself or something, thi is hard because Ive never talked to any of my friends or anything about this...... They know it happens as well as i, but we've just never talked about it, it would be a very awkward and unconfortable moment, But sometimes i jsut want to let them know, "Its only gas guys and something is wrong with my stomach, or better yet my mind......blah...blah...blah"      but i can never seem to find the balls to do it.
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this is pretty in dpeth heavy stuff i wrote here, all from ym heart, i spent about an hour typing it, id love to get atleast some feedback, or something..................something to keep me going thru the day.........
I have the same issue for about 3-4 years now it started in 8th grade, but this year I really got tired of it, and really started focusing on my work or what the teacher was saying, even reading a book and trying to really see what the book was about, got me distracted from it. Its not going to happen if you don't think about it, do anything to preoccuppy yourself, tap your foot and counts how many times it tapped idk, but try to focus on anything else a happy memory , try to remember the last memory you had. I'm in 11th and this affected my social life a lot, I lost friends, people made fun, but hey it could always be worst it's not that bad. Be strong and talk to your friends about it, and anyone who's thinking of harming their self please pleasee do not! Do not give up!
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hi - i dont have any experience of your type of condition but just wanted to say i hope you are feeling better and have managed to find the cause. It may help to see a counseller just to talk to them without fear of being judged.

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Hi, I felt a need to reply to you, first because I actually have the same problem and I googled "anxiety related gas" to see if I would find anything useful..and I came upon your post. And second, because I noticed you didnt get much response from others. I know every single feelings you described, and it took me many years actually to realize that what I have is anxiety related. Lucky for you though, your problem only started 3-5 years ago...I'm 24 and Ive had this since I was maybe 7 or 8years old and never knew that it was anxiety. I take anxiety medication and it doesnt help at all, the gas is as bad as yours is. I can even feel it buggling in my stomach and making girgling noises. Its constant when Im around people and it is more frequent when Im sitting down although it happens when Im standing too. I can smell mine though, unlike you..but only if I try really hard to see if I smell. But I can tell that others do smell it and yeah, its pretty much one of the things that have led me to have extremely low self esteem and develop further social phobia such as agoraphobia. Its only been recently that Ive started going back out and re-integrating myself into society. But I want you to know that you're not alone, and I took had the same thoughts about God and why he would give me this problem, even though I was brought up religious so its normal to have this kind of thinking, because its very difficult when everybody else is normal around people and when we have this issue. But I personally still pray and stuff even though I dont understand why it seems like  I have this and others dont. But anyway, yeah this isnt a religious thread but I wanted to comment on that part of what you said also.... So far I havent found any way of stopping the gas. Its a physical reaction to anxiety, so no its technically not "just in your head". I completed a group therapy called "CBT" Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which helped me to learn about the fact that anxiety can have REAL physical symptoms, not just mind stuff. But yeah...you're not alone. You have to live your life, thats the only best advice I can give you. Live your life, even if you have this because if you let this steal it from you, then thats worse than even having this problem. I dont know if you want to contact me so we can talk more but feel free to if you ever want to share some of what you're going through with someone.
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You are a sweetheart for sharing so candidly. Your words made me cry. It's like you are absolutley ABSOLUTELY in my skin. I completely understand what you are going through...every painful isolated second. Can you find a nice girl and maybe settle down? I am so happy to have found my spouse. He loves me just the way I am...warts and all. :) I'll pray for that for you too.

Seriously though, isn't this the dumbest mind-f--- you could have ever imagined. There are others out there who care about what you're going through even if they don't know you. THIS DOES NOT DEFINE YOU -remember that!!!! Thanks for helping me to not feel alone, Kyle.
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I know this post is really old and you might not read it but I have something very similar to your story. It started out in 7th grade i was just sitting in class and boom just like that its like a flip switched, I had severe stomach pain and started getting real nervous and had my mother come pick me up from school after that I never wanted to go back, I use to cry every day tellin my mom i just wanted to stay home because i was afraid of getting the stomach pains again at school because i kept thinking i was going to vomit or pass out. The funny thing is for me I will get gas and FREAK OUT and get dizzy and feel like the world is going to end and then if i just sit down and let the gas pass its like nothing ever happened. But this has ruined my life as well, i have no social life and always try to avoid social events because i'am afraid that my stomach pains will present itself and think something horrible will happen. Even when i do go out to a social event i will feel fine at first but then there goes that gas again building up making me nervous and wanting to run away and then it passes and i'll feel better. sometimes i feel like i'am crazy!. I've been to doctors and they tell me its anxiety related but i think it might be something else. Theres not a day that passes by that this problem does'nt present itself thats why i just stay home, if i do go out its always for short periods of times because i start to feel very uncomfortable and just want to get out of whatever situation i'm in. Its just plain Horrible. I just want to let you know you're not alone my friend. Hopefully one day this will go away and we can live normal lives. untill then we must cope with it and find strong support groups. and I know what you mean about telling your friends about it. You're not alone! =)
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Well OP wrote this so long ago, but I'm writing this for those who are suffering with the same or a similar problem and who may be looking for help and support.

In 11th grade this problem, the same one you described almost to a T, just hit me one day and clung to me. Being around people = anxiety = gas. Well...I've never figured out the order of the anxiety and the gas.

I survived 11th grade barely, but left my dignity behind. For two years I was suffering, but still managed to work within that timeframe. I didn't have my driver's license then, still don't today, and the bus rides to and from work drained me alongside of working close to people for hours. I quit the 2 jobs I had after no more than 3-4 months because I was so depressed and was planning to kill myself. Clearly those plans failed.

Anyway, like you I couldn't get close to people without suffering from the symptoms, but I didn't feel too too bad hovering in the back or being at a distance. My mind, full of pessimism and hate and paranoia, was always on and I couldn't think about anything beyond this problem when I got around people. I felt like I was living in-between worlds or something because I'd be going places, talking to people, but worrying and living inside of my head at the same time.

I had emotional breaks everyday, and I was almost to the point of being bipolar, at least that's how it felt. I couldn't have a conversation without suddenly feeling angry and defensive, sad and crying for hours, or highly irritated. I got some tests done. The results showed that I had a GABA deficiency, and I believe a norepinephrine deficiency? I forget, but the GABA was really low, and GABA is the neurotransmitter that is responsible for calming people.  I was told to take Stay Calm by my naturopathic doc. which regulated my mood over the course of about 2 weeks. I stopped taking the pills after it seemed they weren't helping with the gas or the anxious thoughts. I'm not sure if the pills might've helped more if I continued taking them.

Cutting to today, I unfortunately haven't found any type of cure, but to be honest I haven't been diligent enough in finding one. While I do not feel depressed in the manic sense like before, I am not happy still. My life circumstances are just shameful, and I feel like the biggest loser on the face of the planet. But I have progressed in many ways since I first got this disease. I notice when I go places where I'm around people, which I very very rarely do, that my mind doesn't race like before if at all. I get the physical symptoms, but unaccompanied by the draining thoughts. The greatest challenge I have to tackle is the panic. Even though I don't think about the gas as much when I'm in public, I subconsciously expect the gas to come out and ruin my day. And it does.  I'm reading a book now, "The Anxiety Cure: An Eight-Step Program for Getting Well" by Robert L. DuPont, M.D., and this book has put a lot of what I feel into perspective. I believe since I've started reading, without even having started the eight-step program, I've stopped fighting the anxiety as much. That's what it's going to take to be able to cope I believe. You have to stop fighting it, and approach it face to face eventually. You have to recognize that the anxiety and symptoms are terrible...painful, but what's worse is losing your life to them. You can't give up. You can't hide away. You may have to embarrass yourself a little bit (A lotta bit is more like it), but you can't allow your fears to control and destroy you.

Wooh, have fun reading that.
Stay hopeful, and may you find your life again.
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Yes I got the same problem and it is very shameful :( .But the bad part is that,this disease is very hard to take it away X(.
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I'm having the same problem for years now :( word by word that he said :( it ***** so much! It holds me back from doing so many things and getting ahead with life
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I LITRRALLY have your same EXACT problem. I never ever used to have this problem until I moved to georgia in 9th grade. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. I loved it so much there and I got along with everyone and we was just chilling. But as soon as I moved to georgia, the kids were so rude and extra and just doing too much that I've became antisocial. Mind you, I'm not scared of them it's just like I went from living in an environment where nobody was so ignorant that I was used to it. I go to New York all the time to visit my family and hang out with my old friends still so I'm still not used to this "southern hospitality"
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so it makes me uncomfortable. I am I'm 11th grade and when I get that gassy feeling and it comes out, I immediately call my mom to bring me home. I never tell her exactly why thought because she would never understand. I would just say "my stomach hurts really bad I can't even do my work" with a pouty type of voice. It happened today. I just came back from Christmas break and started my new semester today. My school has started a whole new set of classes and of course I'm always in the front of every single class because my last name starts with a c and we mostly sit in alphabetical order and because I didn't go to school yesterday, everyone already chose their seats which is of course, in the back so I have no other choice but to sit in the front. So in my first and second period classes, it was so quiet because the teachers assigned work. And as soon as everyone settled down, the gas just took over. I don't think anybody hears it tho because nobody looked up or anything. But it is so embarrassing, I feel like running away and hiding.
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I have the exact same problem  it ***** , if I find a cure i`ll let you guys know
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i have the same problem too , try drinking more water , it helps
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So here I am laying in my bed at 3 am reading all these posts from top to bottom, and yeah, i'm in the same boat as all of you. I'm currently 24yr/M from Portugal, and as far I remember i've had this anxiety related flatulence since probably 7th or 8th grade. I've read many posts like this over the years and this is the first time i'm posting, I don't think i'll be able to say anything new from what's been already said but oh boy can I relate...

It just basically ruins our lives, sure when I say this I think to myself someone has it worst, there are so many ****** up diseases out there how can something so meaningless cause so much pain. Over time I grew apart from my friends, avoided going to specific places. For instance, as far as school went I tried my best to stay in the back of the classroom or in a corner to avoid being surrounded by classmates this issues always gets worse when I know there's someone behind me or there's continuous silence, ironically when it's time to leave the class/room the flatulence seems to ease. It got to the point that I started skipping certain classes, even ended up failing a year. Of corse i'm also to blame, I could have studied more when i was at home and I sure didn't, feels like our life is limited by this. Even such a simple thing such as taking drivers license, I was soo paranoid of the theory classes in the tiny silent room surrounded by people  as well as being in the car for many hours with the instructor that I decided not to learn how to drive.... I only took my drivers license this past year....  So yeah... avoiding certain places that I already associate with having bad experiences, like schools, cinemas, bus, small rooms, elevators, having people behind me in line, having people sitting behind me, silent small room etc.

I can see my entire life slipping through my fingers, no friends, forever restrained indoors, choosing to go places alone to not feel this horrible feeling as much, afraid to even attempt to get a job.., Just today I went to the movies and chose not to invite any friend because I know i'll be ******* clutching the entire time and sweating like crazing anxious the entire time not even being able to focus on the damn thing. Its ******* infuriating, excuse my French. It's almost 4 am dunno what else to say. I'll leave this throwaway email, some months from now some other person will be reading this entire post in the middle of the night and might way to talk with someone over mail or skype and yeah i'm down for that.

maintrustno1 @ gmail . com
Same situation and idk what to do ...***@****
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I also have the same problem it's the worst thing ever, sometimes I think to myself like these people sitting in class or anywhere are lucky and here I am suffering from something sooo pointless and I just can't with it. I take ALEVE it really really helps but the trick is use the bathroom before you take this medication your going to feel so much better I go to class fine and drink lots of water also avoid food the cause your stomach to growl or fart. And always try to breath when you feel like it's coming and if u feel uncomfortable in class id recommend you to speak with an advisor to let you take your exam in different room if it happens when your taking an exam coz I know I get it. Trust me ask for help just always ask and try to forget about it don't make it. I know we all go through this problem but we all got fight it together don't let it take over our lives it's seems so big and it feels like it's never going to go away but trust me be patience and learn from it and always ask for help if you need. I hope I helped  
does the aleve actually work? which one exactly do you use? I'm dying for a cure :(
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Hay dude if you wanna talk I`m up for it.
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I have the same problem and it's so nice to know that I'm not the only one affected by this because I went to the doctors and he just started laughing in my face. It started in 8th grade and ever since then it hasn't left me. I wouldn't wish this upon anyone it really destroys your life. It eliminates the small things you can do like sit in a class, drive a car, go to work, travel and basically hang out with people. It's not like You can stop it from happening, You can't do anything about, you don't even know if you did it and you don't smell it so you are constantly in a panicked state. Since I can't smell it when it happens I noticed that peoples nose flare whenever they smell something so I've just been constantly staring at noses. I can't just sit somewhere I have to clench because there are no warning signs that it's gonna happen. The fact that i can't even feel it makes me want to never go outside. People are also not so kind they say things like "oh what's that smell" really loud so now I'm even more stressed out because I don't smell anything and I know it's me. People also give disgusted glares and start rubbing there noses when I walk by, it makes me feel even less than a human. Like I wanna die because of this I just can't live the rest of my life like this.

         It's been 7 years now and it keeps getting worse. I never want to go to work but my mom is forcing me to work full time (which I am) so basically everyday for 8hrs I have to work like this. By the time I get off work it's rush hour time in the buses and I have to bus home so now I'm even more mortified and stressed out. I miss buses because of how packed it is and get off 1 stop earlier because I couldn't deal with the people inside. I thought finally finishing school would make me free of having too be around people but unfortunately having to be surrounded by people never leaves. School wasn't happy place for me either I was bullied in every grade by my friends and popular kids in class up until grade 11 and by grade 12 I just stopped trying to have friends like screw you I'd rather be a loner. Seriously don't remember any happy time in my life and this condition has seriously made me contemplate why I should live my life. However I would never go through with it because i have a lot more to see in life. I was given a life and I will damn see the end of it. I really hope there is a cure for this because I fear I will live the rest of my life alone and robbed of any joy in my life.
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Yes, I have this too, even that part about uneven muscles surprisingly. I am only going into 9th grade and female weighing about 95 pounds and it started half way through 8th. Somebody posted a fake profile about me talking about "I'll send you nudes" and all that ****, and I think that triggered the nervous gas.
I sit in the middle of the classroom in the period where the gas is the worst unfortunately, and I know that people can smell it unlike me. Their words and faces give it away.
Instead of ignoring it though, they decide to talk about the "gross girl" and don't even try hard to make sure I can't hear them. So my problem got worse.
I barely made it through HALF a year with the problem and many days I refused to go in fear of the people who just wouldn't let it go, who decided that they're free to make me suicidal without consequences.
I'm halfway through summer now and I'm about to go into high school. I'm not going to make it. I'm having suicidal thoughts and I think I'll just end it soon. So in other words. Yes. The problem is ****. I don't smell it or anything. I tried gas x and prescriptions the doctors have me. I even meditate. I'm relatively healthy. I really want to just tell everybody "sorry" for the thing that is destroying my social life. People avoid me at school, moving away when they see me. I honestly thought I had a future but because of this "wonderful gift", I guess not.
Please don't think of suicide, I know it seems like the end but we must find ways around this awful problem. Talk to your parents, anyway you can home school? You have been so strong so far and you cannot give up.
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What was that unacceptable gas from ? Is it the cause of anxiety ?

How did you change your life to a better life ?
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I have the same problem bro did u find a cure for it? Please reply
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It's good to know I'm not alone in the world.

I'm 25 year old female and have had this problem since I was a teenager.
I also have food intolerances as I can't eat dairy or wheat and think this could have also been what started it.
Although I have changed my diet it still hasn't got rid of the gas.

I find it usually happens in places where there are lots of people or when I'm stressed or worried about something. An I find if someone is near me it's like I'm really aware and that causes me to get really anxious.

I haven't found a cure but I think all we can do is carry on our lives and pretend not to notice it, there's nothing else that we can do. So that is what I do I work and try to live as normal a life as possible.

Thanks for sharing your experiences.
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Hello there, I'm a 16 year girl and I have had a similar problem to you and it started in the 8th grade. I started to look up things on the Internet to give me a clue unto what I was feeling, then I came across your post a whileeee ago actually and I was so suprised that mostly everyone's extreme gas started around the 8th grade. My problem was THE SAME AS YOURS seriously, I would pass gas 24/7 and it made me more antisocial than I already was and my friends knew something was up cause I wouldn't like sitting near them and everything. However tho, recently God has truly changed my life. I always knew I had anxiety, but I never connected that it could be because of anxiety that I was getting SO MUCH GAS, so around half of this week I started to do what I thought the impossible: relax. I would be in class and I'll erase my mind and I'll stop looking around to see if anyone was smelling my gas or anything and I legit just FOCUSED I focused on work, I focused on what the teacher was say, I even just focused on thinking about a YouTube vid. God has cured me. I can honestly say that this whole time it has been a test to me. God wants us to stop being anxious, because knowing him is knowing PEACE. God has cured and it's still crazy for me to say that cause I've been dealing with this for so long but it's true and I just wanted to share. Also remember everyone that "anxiety in the brain is anxiety in the stomach" and also I wouldn't JUDGE ANYONE who has to take a Xanax to feel at peace and God bless you all.
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Hey everyone.

Literally only just discovered this feed/post and I know OP posted a long time ago but this whole thing is me so much! I am 15 and was officially diagnosed with Social Anxiety (finally) about 5 months ago even though I've had anxiety since year 8/ early year 9 (don't know what that is in American system - sorry). I noticed the gas thing last year and IT ONLY SEEMS TO HAPPEN AT SCHOOL! I am so self-conscious about it. It doesn't affect my life as greatly as it seems to affect everyone else's on this website but it really affects my learning. About 70% of my time in lessons is spent on me focusing on the gas. I do relaxation techniques and receive therapy for my anxiety and I am so much better than I was a few months ago, but this gas thing is persistent. Doesn't seem hopeful that it will go away does it? If anyone knows of any medication other than the other discussed ones like Xanax please please share! I have my GCSE exams next year and I don't want to screw them up over gas!

A xx
Hi , I have the same problem and am 15 also , if you want to talk I'm up for it.
I have the Same problem, Vyvans helped a lot.
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It happens to me as well, all the time; I'm 17 and I've had this problem for around 3 years. I've literally tried everything : doctors, pills, I've changed my diet, I've skipped many meals and it don't stop. I can't say I'm the most popular girl at school but I hang out with many cool people and it's seriously ruining my reputation and my life, Because I know it may feel like nothing but it means the world to me, Everyone seems so happy/bored in class while I'm praying for it to finish. I know my friends know it but they won't tell me anything, they'll just tell me things like"wow I havent been to the bathroom in days! But I'm taking some pills blah blah blah" like GIRL I'VE TAKEN EVERY PILL AND IT DOESN'T F**** WORK!! I feel so sorry for me because deep down they just want to help me, even though I hear them talking about it all the time...I'm glad I'm not the only one who has this problem and I hope we all get to solve it soon. I just came to tell my experience but I'll be great if someone'd talk with me about it and support each other, greets !
Hi if you want to talk to me about your condition please reply.
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this helped me so much...

Im a 12 year old girl and have been having a problem with anxiety for almost two years. This year entering seventh grade i have the meanest science teacher and i always get the WORST anxiety in her class. i always have to fart and go to the bathroom.. she is rlly strict and i don't know how to deal with it. Ive been researching about it all day and have found myself just getting farty thinking about it... i just don't know what to do and don't want to go back to school because of anxiety!! I'm on break right now and am just lost. i know a lot of older people don't think its that important because I'm so young and it doesn't matter but it does!:( my palms get sweaty and my mouth gets dry. I have cried over this for so long and it feels great writing this down. i found this website to get answers so PLEASE PLEASE can u help me because its getting worse and I'm getting it in more of my classes now too... i hate dealing with this at a young age... it ***** af so pls pls pls pls help me. i can't do this alone
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