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Extremely bad spleen -Am i going to die?
ok people, my spleen has been enlarged for over 7 years and liver too. I have endured numerous flair ups which eventually subside. It never totally goes away. This time the flair up is really really bad. I have been taking enzymes which to help but, not enough. I must take them every 6 hours instead of the recommended dosage of once a day. It is the only thing that is helping at this point.
My body will not get warm (and no it is not due to the weather). I have 3 woolly layers on and i am still freezing.
I don't have insurance and even if i did I don't think I would go at this point because I have had 5 years of being turned away only to be hit with a massive bill for what little they did do! We are currently going to loose our home so, another bill is not an option at this point.
I have written to numerous Dr.'s and no one will tell me what to expect. I have searched the web and unless you are a professional... i dont understand it all.
I really need to know if this spleen gets much larger and inflamed will it crush my heart and lungs and cause death? I am having breathing problems and my heart is doing massive flip-flops.
Can the spleen die? If it can, will I die as well? Or just remain in severe pain forever.
I know I sound gruesome but, when you dont have a Dr. and you know darned well that the local hospitals will only put a band aid on it and send me home with a huge bill to deal with... I dont have any other options!
PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE someone answer me. I want the truth. I need the truth!
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