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Fat consumption = nausea

it seems whenever i consume too much fat i'm sick for 2-3 days, vomiting,frequent bowel movements,nausea, and unable to keep anything in my stomach.  i don't have a fever and i don't experience pain. my doctor scoped my stomach 2 yrs ago and i had an  abdominal ultrasound and blood work,all was normal.he than told me to restrict my fat intake. but recently it seems i have NO tolerance for fat, ive had two episodes in the past 5 weeks. i take a previcvid as needed for GERD and am also lactose intolerant but other than that i have no health problems and feel fine most of the time.

is there some other test i need  or some way to help digest fat,,or is there some way to tell if it really is a fat problem?

thank you for any help,,
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Richard, you may want to check into gallbladder issues. Many who have the problem find they can't handle fatty foods. If the ultrasound checked the gallbladder, ask the doc if sludge was seen - or stones. Did the blood work check out your liver and pancreatic enzymes? You might want to ask about doing a HIDA scan with CCK injection to check your ejection fraction.
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Thanks CalGal,,
I had planned on asking Dr if there was another type of scan we could do,,now I'll mention the HIDA..

thanks again,,
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