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Fatty infiltration of pancreas

Hi, I have a few questions. I have been struggling with severe GI symptoms for a few years now, and for the most part they have been intermittent. Last year, I was struggling with severe abdominal pain, and diarrhea with everything I ate, so I just stopped eating, and surprisingly felt 100% better. My GI doctor of course, was concerned and I was sent for a plethora of tests. I have had many CT scans (cancer survivor), and each scan would come back with mild fatty infiltration of pancreas. My pancreatic enzymes would come back normal, and my liver enzymes were always normal (except slight elevation of alkaline phosphatase). My endoscopy and colonoscopy were normal except for chronic gastritis and a hiatal hernia. My IBD panel suggested possible Crohn's disease, but everything was negative, so we ruled that out. My problem now, is the intense abdominal pain is back, along with severe nausea and everything I eat is going through me in about an hour after I eat, so I have just stopped eating again. I am living off of Advil, zofran  and hyoscyamine. I recently had another CT scan and it just said there is near complete fatty replacement of pancreas and suggestive of chronic pancreatitis. Now I am at a loss of what to do. Can I reverse this somehow? I have never drank alcohol (don't like it), though I have been overweight (not anymore since I have trouble with food and digestion). It is hard to find information on this, and most say people are asymptomatic. Again, my pancreatic enzymes are normal, so my doctor seems to be at a loss, and I have no idea which direction to go. I wound up with a severe B12 deficiency last year and don't want this to get worse
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