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Fatty infiltration of the pancreas...does this make you at higher risk for malignancy

I've been told that I have fatty infiltration of the pancreas.. probably.  Does this increase the risk of getting cancer of the pancreas?
Also if it is not fatty infiltration, what else could it be?

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Well, it could be pancreatitis of any cause. You should get exact diagnosis (CT + blood test for pancreatic function + eventual biopsy of pancreas). Ultrasound is not enough.
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I too have been told I have fatty infiltrates in my pancreas.  I was told this is a result of being overweight.
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Fatty pancreas (like fatty liver) may be from being overweight. Also from alcohol.

Being overweight is (according to below research) not a risk factor for pancreatic cancer.
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On my ct scan it said I have extensive fatty infiltration of the Pancreas and I am slender and I don't drink...who knows what it means, thats where the doctor comes in so he can explain to me exactly what the deal is.
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Are you overweight? Search for "fatty pancreas".
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My husband has been sick for 18 months with monthly attacks. The attacks are pancreatitus like attacks, but his liver and bloodwork show no evidence of chronic or acute pancreatitius. Although he was born with pancrea divisum. do any of you guys that have fatty pancreas have this condition? My husband was also told that he had a fatty pancreas after an enscopic ultrasound.
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