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Fecal Body Odor

Hello...I had a question about an odor problem I've been experiencing on and off for 15 years. First off, when I was younger I was pumped with antibiotics for constant ear infections. Coming into my teens I experienced really bad gastritis for a while and found out I was allergic to milk. After getting off the milk the gas wasn't as chronic but it was still there. Now around the age of 15 was the start of the intense body odor. I really don't know how I graduated from highschool after this awful odor. There were 2 odors. 1 odor more frequent was a persistent lingering sulfur musty odor that would follow me wherever I went. The odor would change every now and then. Sometimes it smelt like rotten carrots, garbage, cat poo, etc. After eating better and taking shower after shower things got worse. Around 16 years old I started drinking off and on thinking I would forget about it and it would go away. I was SO wrong. This is the 2nd odor I'm talking about. I remember one day I walked into the cafeteria and people were screaming and running out every door. The whole building was just filled with a rotten egg odor- times 1 million. I shortly figured out it was me after doing this more than once. After years of this it would go away for 6 months and then come back to haunt me. Now a days I have more of the lingering odor and haven't had the bad one for a while. It seems like I get the bad odor when I just get a new job and I begin to sweat from physical labor. After trying so many different things I still can't hack this problem. I have tried cleanses, probiotics, liver cleanses, L Glutamine for Leaky Gut, Green drinks, gosh you name it. Recently, I've been focusing on intestinal candida and I've been taking oregano oil and colloidal silver followed by Primal Defense probiotics for a week now and I just feel a bit tired and the odor is more persistent followed by crazy dreams. Not sure if this is die-off or not. About 6 months ago I got a colonoscopy and edoscopy done for pain in my lower left side of colon. He found lots of internal hemroids and cut out some benign polyps. He just said he didn't see anything big and Its probably genetic why I smell this way. He wouldn't give me any blood or stool tests not sure why. The one thing that I do that makes the smell worse or better sometimes, usally better, is an enema. So I think the problem is in my colon somewhere. One more thing. A year ago I had a perenial abcess that I had to get drained and has returned in the same spot after doing an enema a week ago. Maybe the abcess problem is causing the odor? Shoot!! Sorry about the long question I just wanted to try to get as much as I could in. Does anybody have a similar experience or any advice that might help? I'm not sure what to do anymore. I would see a Naturopathic Doctor again but I can't afford it anymore. Last time it seemed like I never left my appointment for under $600.00. Thanks for reading if you haven't already fell asleep... Wesley
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This problem looks like an overlooked medical condition. I have it too. I was ok since I was born. Then I met this girl one yr ago and became friends. She used to complain of having problems with gas, kidney, and I used to feel a funny foul smell from her, but I thought it was from heavy day's work. We have had sex a couple of times. Lately I am more aware of myself developing the same signs that she had. Foul/stool smell from the body, tiredness even after 12 hrs sleep, pain in the calf (backside of the leg), bloating in the abdomen, tooooo much gas(abnormally too much gas). I have been on two weeks of flagyl, to knock out the GIT bacteria. The smell maintains still. I have checked for mononucleosis, but the test was negative.

My couriosity is raised due to the fact that the flagyl could not knock the bacteria out, showing it is not bacterial. Another thing is that it seems to have been sexually or otherwise passed to me. I know many people will not have the guts to say how they got it, but we need solutions here and we have to be open. If you have been in a sexual relation please be free and humble to find out if the partner/s have the same symptoms. This could be a breakthrough to getting a solution. This could be a sexually viral disease that has been ignored. Especially when it comes with bloating and distension, that could be due to symptoms from a viral disease resembling hepatitis A, B and C or, herpes zoster/shingles. If you look at the signs then you will start thinking the same way I do. Lets face the reality, broaden our thoughts on this and who knows? we might be able to help ourselves; but of now I know it is not IBS, neither is it bacterial. Lets explore all the history of how we started feeling the slightest signs. I have a very strong feeling it could be sexually transmitted disease that has not been extensively researched due it mild and stigmatizing secretive embarassing symptoms. I beg us all. Thanks everybody. Feel free to drop me any discussion, suggestions or directions.
It's really called Myalgic Encephalomyelitis,  chronic fatigue syndrome doesn't really give justice to how really bad this condition is. Please google it and read about it and I guarantee you'll believe me
I highly doubt this was a sexually transmitted condition. More likely, it was a bacterial condition that was passed on to you through kissing, sharing eating utensils or straws and glasses, or simply close contact.

Even antibiotics don't always kill all of the infectious bacteria, and contagious, smelly gas-related conditions are usually bacteria-related. You and your girlfriend should both see a doctor.
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I have the exact same problem. I think it is metabolic. It might be something called TMAU.
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I just noticed that your post is from December 2008. How are you now? Do you still have the odor or are you better? I hope you are fine now.
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JESUS CHRIST!!! iam not alone omg i have the same problem well i think my odor comes from my skin i think it comes from my body i know that not anywhere specific but i went to countless doctors that everytime i go to a new doctor its the same thing "oh did you have sicknesses before you have anything i should know about okay well here is priolsec good luck now bye " and i get so pissed off i tell them it must be acid reflux thats all they do
this is my symptoms i get a sensation of heat mostly on my back and start to smell like poop eggs you name any foul odor in the family and i get it and a usual crap smell everyday
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wow the same thing happened to me I was dating a girl and I noticed she was tired and sleeping all day "fatigue" then I started having symptoms I was sooo tired and I felt like I had to move my bowels all of the time .so I went to the doctors and tested for STD'S and it came back negative.but I felt soo sick all the doctor came up with was chronic fatigue syndrome and most people thought that it was a made up condition all in a persons head.but I smelled like feces so I went to a gastroenterologist and they ran every test also negative so I thought it was all in my head it must be nerves.I thought I was crazy but I felt soo tired and kind of in a fog.then I started dating someone else and she got sick and said she could barely get out of bed because she felt really achey and wow I felt relieved that I wasn't crazy I knew I was sick but I felt bad because she got sick.needless to say it ruined my life I lost friends and family ,jobs because of the fecal body odor it has to be some kind of STD that they have not discovered yet.I read that the CDC center for disease control in atlanta has knowledge of numerous infections but they don't tell the public because they don't want to cause panic...  
It's really called Myalgic Encephalomyelitis,  chronic fatigue syndrome doesn't really give justice to how really bad this condition is. Please google it and read about it and I guarantee you'll believe me, there are pockets of sickness all over the United States and the world right now. Older adults who are exposed to this disease/virus usually end up dying because of the affects and destruction to every bodily system. Immune system is wiped out, and every other system in the body too. There is no cure and the only way to actually get a diagnoses is to get a killer-cell function test(may not be the exact right words for the test description), but I've researched most of this on my own since being exposed to the virus that causes Myalgic Encephalomyelitis in 1999 from a woman I briefly dated. Regular blood tests don't usually turn up any results that indicate you're sick. This killer-cell function test is likely/probably not even given in the U.S.A. because of so many reasons I actually don't remember now. I know that several websites(an M.E. website) directed me to a testing center in the U.S.A. supposedly giving the test but when I called they told me that they don't give the test and they also said it's not likely that anyone(blood testing) places give this test in the U.S.A. The reason I was saying this because for Social Security benefits you may need specific proof for your claim. Best wishes to you anyway, hope this sheds a light.
The reason I'm saying it's Myalgic Encephalomyelitis is because this disease makes people sensitive to smell, bright lights, loud noises, of course any sensory stimulus. Part of the reason these people around you are actually blurting things out like He/She smells is because they have the same condition and their sense of smell is aggravated very easily by any odor including deodorant, perfumes and anything that has an odor that they could pick up on. The reason I'm saying they all have the same disease is that since I was exposed to the virus everyone around me eventually got the same virus that never goes away.One of the first and very obvious systems that is affected by M.E. is the digestive system, which it just wreaks havoc on. So if the digestive system isn't functioning properly it's likely that the Irritable bowel syndrome, leaky gut would cause body odor because the fecal matter or very small fecal particles are entering the blood stream and possibly being passed through the skin. Only an idea. Believe me since I've had M.E. I can barely handle the smell of anything, including perfumes, body odor, my own garbage can, even loud noises, screaming kids, loud car motors, bright lights, here's the reasons I'll copy this  What characterises M.E. every bit as much as the individual symptoms is the way in which people with M.E. respond to physical and cognitive activity, sensory input and orthostatic stress, and so on. It is unique in a number of ways and must be present for a correct diagnosis of M.E. to be made, and includes the following:

People with M.E. are unable to maintain their pre-illness activity levels. This is an acute, sudden change. M.E. patients can only achieve 50% or less of their pre-illness activity levels.
People with M.E. are limited in how physically active they can be but are also limited in similar ways with cognitive exertion, sensory input and orthostatic stress.
When a person with M.E. is active beyond their individual limits, there is a worsening of various neurological, cognitive, cardiac, cardiovascular, immunological, endocrinological, respiratory, hormonal, muscular, gastrointestinal and other symptoms.
The level of physical activity, cognitive exertion, sensory input or orthostatic stress (being upright) that is needed to cause significant relapse varies from patient to patient, but is often trivial compared to pre-illness tolerances and abilities.
The severity of M.E. waxes and wanes throughout the hour/day/week and month.
The worsening of the illness caused by overexertion often does not peak until 24 - 72 hours or more later.
The effects of overexertion can accumulate over time and lead to disease progression or death.
The activity limits of M.E. are not short term: an increase in activity levels beyond a patient's individual limits, even if gradual, causes relapse, disease progression or death.
The symptoms of M.E. do not resolve with rest. There is also a base level of illness which can be quite severe even at rest.
Repeated overexertion can harm the patient's chances for future improvement in M.E. Patients who are able to avoid overexertion have repeatedly been shown to have the most positive long-term prognosis.
Not every M.E. sufferer has 'safe' activity limits within which they will not exacerbate their illness: this is not the case for very severely affected patients.M.E. patients were treated appropriately and correctly diagnosed until around 1988, when there was an increase in the number of M.E. patients and outbreaks in the US. Some medical insurance companies (and others) decided that they would prefer not to lose many millions of dollars on so many new claims and so they created a new vague fictional disease category called 'Chronic Fatigue Syndrome' to try to confuse the issue of M.E. and to hide M.E. in plain sight.

Under the cover of 'CFS' certain vested interest groups have assiduously attempted to obliterate recorded medical history of M.E.; even though the existing evidence has been published in prestigious peer-reviewed journals around the world and spans over 70 years.

M.E. is a distinct, scientifically verifiable and measurable, acute onset, organic neurological disease. 'CFS' in contrast, is not a distinct disease. 'CFS' doesn't exist. Every diagnosis of CFS - based on any of the CFS definitions - can only ever be a misdiagnosis. A watebasket diagnosis.

The fact that a person qualifies for a diagnosis of 'CFS' (a) does not mean that the patient has M.E., and (b) does not mean that the patient has any other distinct illness named CFS.' M.E. and 'CFS' are not the same.

Far fewer than 0.5% of the population has the distinct neurological disease known since 1956 as Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is an artificial construct created in the US in 1988 for the benefit of various political and financial vested interest groups. It is a mere diagnosis of exclusion based on the presence of gradual or acute onset fatigue lasting 6 months. If tests show serious abnormalities, a person no longer qualifies for the diagnosis, as 'CFS' is 'medically unexplained.' A diagnosis of 'CFS' does not mean that a person has any distinct disease (including M.E.). According to the latest CDC estimates, 2.54% of the population qualify for a 'CFS' (mis)diagnosis. Please Google for anyone's benefit; The hummingbirds' foundation for M.E. or www.hfme.org
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dear j i been having the same problem   well told my  doctor yesterday and he is testing me for clymidia hope i get the answer i prayed and i believe that jesus has given me the answer
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Your condition sounds like either streptococcous disease or candida overgrowth. Either way there is not a known STD that causes body odor, however bacteria can cause your partner to get the infection. I've had the same problem for a little over six years and noticed that it gets worse after sex. I have not had sex for over 9 months now and the odor and fatigue have gotten better but I  still sweat profusely, do you have that same problem?. I have been to many doctors that tell me that nothing is wrong. I don't want to hear that because I have lost jobs and left jobs because I was teased alot and my neighbors don't want to walk by me. I think they are all ignorant because it is a medical condition that I cannot help. I have however been diagnoised with strep group B 3X'S since I've had this condition. The strep was found in my blood, urine, and vagina. Doctor's do not take this condition as seriously as I want them to and some would not treat me for it because they said it is not life threatening. Well it feels like it is life threatening with the fatigue, excessive sweating, aches and pain. I have had this infection in my body for so long that I was recently diagnoised with Fibromyalgia.
I have tried body odor pills that are on the market and after six months the symptoms went away. Unfortuately, once I started having sex again all problems returned. I am at a lost and have even contemplated suicide due to no social life, and my careers failing, losing places,etc....
How are you and the sexual partners you were with doing now?
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I have this problem. I feel like im about to cry just reading all of these statuses. Ive been living with this for a little or two years . It has caused me so much stress... I have alienated myself from the world.. I have been diagnosed with massive depressive disorder. Its kind of hard to live everyday life. I do not know wat to do.  The smell gets worster after sex. Ive tried being abstinent... and its not as bad but I still have the paranoia of smelling.. my stomach becomes bloated off and on
I have become a timid emotional reck. As soon as I have smell again... its back full blown.   Does anyone have any answers.... where do I start to fix this... im tired..
You have Lyme disease and need to use colloidal silver to kill it. It will take a couple years to cure. Eat healthy... Low fat no sugar no alcohol. Eat real food. If u feel like **** use Epsom salt detox baths. Just google it for the recipe. This worked for my TMAu
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  My daughter has had the rotten egg burps,diarrhea and vomiting that used to come monthly around menstrual time. She was put on  birth control and it helped for a little while but it returned. She was referred to gastroenterology and had a colonoscopy and multiple tests including Giradia,H Plyori. Tests were neg for these as well as for Crohn's disease, IBS and Gluten allergy.She started drinking organic milk which helped a bit but then she was put on an SSRI to see if that helped. She doesn't have the episodes as often. Most recently she was put on birth control pills because of increased prostaglandins this helped for about a year before the symptoms returned.,
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Wow this post resurfaced on my cell today, 5 years after I started this post. I just had a quick update as to where I am today. I think the smell I was talking about is due to the by product of yeast overgrowth or a liver problem that tests don't pick up on. However, 3 months ago I started taking 1,000 mg. of Milk Thistle everyday and the smell has almost gone away completely. I still think this is a band aid to the problem but sheds light onto a bigger picture. Liver congestion from aiding yeast with sugar? Born with liver malfunction? Another change I've experienced after the Milk Thistle is I'm not as constipated. Anyways, that's my two sense at this point. Let me know if anyone has tried this.

What's your update using the Milk Thistle?
What happened after you stopped the supplement? Did you stop after 3 months?
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did you just take the milk thistle alone or with other medications or/and supplements, and did change your diet...please reply asap because  i come to be really desperate>>> please !!!
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Hi. The problems that most describe here are very much the same as mine, which started when I was young due to a very slow gut - poor motility due to diet, lifestyle or genetic fault my Dr said. Anyway, I found that when I was very fit and active and ate moderately most of the symptoms disappeared, until I got very stressed at work,  I started drinking too much and then It all came back with a vengeance. So this is my thinking:
a. Once you have had a bad case of gastritis it can and will return if you do not take steps to look after yourself.
b. Stress and anxiety make the condition return or get worse    
c. Gut infections caught from poor or unsanitary  food, bad water or due to STD infections can cause gastritis leave you suffering for years.
d. Any exercise that helps keep your gut moving, will reduce symptoms and depression
e. Those drugs called PPI's  (proton pump inhibitors) help when things are really bad.  
f. Avoid all fatty and spicy foods and sauces and reduce your dairy and alcohol intake too. Eat small meals regularly - 3 times a day, plus avoid snacking in between.
g. Do not waste money on `health-food' treatments and potions because there is no cure ( i have tried many without success)
I still experience regular  flair-ups but they are at least more manageable now.I hope this may help someone
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Wesley, it sounds as if you & others may have what a doctor I was working with in France was afflicted by.
Being a young scientist I had never come across this condition before but I found myself holding my breath in the corridor whenever I had to pass his office. To make things worse, he kept his office door wide open. It was a strong putrid smell as if he had come from the Sahara and had not washed for months. When I asked his secretary why no one had ever "told him" she explained to me that it was a genetic condition and that it had nothing to do with personal hygiene. From what I recall, it is a metabolic disorder which creates a compound smelling like stale sweat, urine and feces combined. The actual smell does not come from your GI tract; it comes from your skin, from your pores. That is why the smell is stronger when people get stressed or angry: Sweat glands carry the component… but I forgot what it was called.
A dermatologist may know what I am referring to.
I never forgot the poor man because I had nicked-named him "the skunk" before being told about the condition, and I felt guilty about it ever since.
This medical condition is known in France, so prod your medical team to look in the FR medical reviews. I am talking some 40 years ago, so by now someone must have found a medication to minimize if not cure the symptoms. I am baffled why no one seems to know about it in the US - Perhaps most practitioners are too young to have come across it.
I follow regularly a TV series called Mystery Diagnosis.  In most instances, the one who eventually finds the elusive condition is a (very) mature practitioner.
All the best to you and others with a similar condition.

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YES IT IS; I would bet my bottom Dollar on it.
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we should all join somewere we would all feel comfortable since we all have the same condition .we can all see wat is similar and figure this out ..our join as one and go to the news with it start recording the reactions we get ive lived with it 9 years ..ITS NOT LIKE THEY DONT ALREADY SMELL US **** THEM LETS TAKE A STAND..UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL
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I have had this problem for only two months or so, no matter how often I shower, using zinc oxide powder, etc. does not seem to help. I do not think it is a venereal disease as I have not had sex with anyone for over 3 years, or has it been four. However, I guess it could be a VD which could stay dormant for years?. I guess it is time to go to the doctor.
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From various posts, it appears there may be multiple causes for fecal body odor.  I've also had some form of fecal body odor for over 25 years.  I remember it started when I was 12 and everyone said I farted even though I couldn't smell anything.  This smell usually seemed to happen sometimes after exercising.  Anyway, the smell almost completely vanished by changing to a vegetarian diet.  No meat at all.  For almost 20 years after becoming vegetarian, the smell happened probably a handful of times.  I'm theorizing animal protein is high in sulfur containing amino-acids which don't get broken down properly and form smelly sulfur molecules which circulate in our bloodstream released by sweat or breath.  BTW, unfortunately, the american medical community has no information on this disorder, and seeing a medical doctor will very likely be fruitless.  Although some people with fecal body odor may be suffering from TMAU which is classically defined as a fish odor, but apparently can also give off a fecal odor.  Anyone with fecal body odor, feel free to email me at ***@****.
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you're absolutely right. the problem im having sounds the exact same. and yes, it began to happen after having a sexual relationship with a certain individual who i noticed sometimes had a bad body/breath odor.
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I had this too and never thought it was me. At first i thought there there was a sewer problem. Then realized that there is no way a sewer is always stinking around. The problem  was ME! After detoxing by juicing and the problem still persisted. I asked my friend who is facilitator at Access Consciousness to help me. He asked me a few questions and said several powerful clearing statements and i have not had an odor in 3 weeks! I am so grateful. I needed to let you all know this because last month, i was desperate and reading all of these comments. I just wanted to share my story…hopefully it will help you.
Can you please advise what to do?! Please help me, i have the same issue
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This problem started with me being, (13) an 8th grader

,I mistakenly ate food which was raw or uncooked then that same night I

became really  sick my stomach,aching,paining hurting I couldn't get out of

my bed that night and the next day(it was friday evening when I got out of

bed then I began to  eat since I was so hungry).

I decided to go to school the next week,that's when I began hearing comments, it smells like****in here,did you *** your pants?

Since then I have sometimes only noticed(very rarely)the smell of garbage,sewer,rotten meat and fish.
Sometimes I smell rotten fish on my clothes.
And also occasionally smell feces from my neck after gym class.

Mostly people and  other students are the ones who say it smells like ****  and it seems am always smelling like this everyday.

I also have signs of sweating on the bottom area when it is very hot or when am anxious or stressed out. and halitosis

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And also it seems it comes from my entire body
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Can you elaborate on what you did to fix the issue?
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You might be on to something.  I had similar experience as well and it looks like several others here did as well.  
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I'm with theoneofeight, can you give more detail on what you did to fix it??
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