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Fecal Odor all the time!

Hi there, I'm new to this forum, looks like it's probably the best place to come besides visiting a doctor (which I have done a few times now).... to cut a long story short, last July (2010) I suffered from a bout of constipation, then had a mild bout of food poisoning after, which caused me to pass a lot of worm-shaped stools, maybe 5 or 6 times in one day. I noticed all of a sudden people started telling me I stunk of s***, but seriously couldn't smell a thing and I am extremely hygienic, so really doubted it, but my friend even told me and he was honest I could tell. Since then I have had the same reactions of people, basically as if I stink of crap, and all this seems to link with my bowel problems which I have had since last July - my main symptoms are: a fairly constant wet feeling around my anus (which I notice a lot more when I sit down), bowel habits are "messed up" - opening my bowels from missing a day to 3 times a day (but this doesn't seem major, usually I get it to the standard once a day, often twice though). Also my other main symptoms include my stools are "broken up" and there is almost always stool left inside me after I've been, I just can't get rid of it no matter how much water and fiber I have in my diet, it's like my muscles down there are too weak maybe. A couple of other things: this fecal odor of course (it is getting me down so much, I wash like everyone else, at least once a day, and wear clean clothes and underwear also), and also I get more gas than before.

I have been diagnosed with IBS, but seriously maybe it is the case, but I don't think this "fecal odor" (crap smell) is normal at all.... anyone have ideas? Please also ask me anything about my condition, about any consultations with the doctors I've had or anything else for that matter?
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