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Feeling faint after I eat meals

Hi, I have been having these symptoms for 3+yrs now but they have significantly worsened in the last 6 months.  

I basically feel incredibly faint after I have eaten a meal.  It happens within minutes of eating and often I havent even got half way through the meal when it happens.  I then get a very empty feeling in my stomach despite just eating.  I also get blurred vision in my left eye only.  

It is the exact same symptoms each time and I am at a loss to explain what is causing it.  I have had various tests so far.  my initial Faceal Calprotection test came back too high.  The second test was normal.  I had a fasting glucose tolerence test.  The result of the first blood test was 10.0.  They then gave me a glucose drink and took the 2nd blood test 2 hours later.  The result was 3.9. They then gave me 2 slices of toast and let me go.  I went outside and within minutes I was almost on the floor.  The feeling did pass but took over an hour.

The consultant has now referred me to Endocrinology.  Im not sure what they do there.  I am getting sick of the feeling as it is starting to affect my life.  I dont feel safe looking after my niece in case I faint.  I never do actually faint ... its always just the feeling.  It feels so wierd.  like my body just slows down.  

I tried to make a note of what I have eaten but it can vary from anything from a sandwich to my normal healthy meals (pork chop & Veg / Pasta / jacket potato / turkey steak with veg / sunday roast / cereal / toast ... [retty much anything.

Wondered if anyone can help. Many thanks
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Welcome to the gastroenterology community!  Have you been evaluated for dumping syndrome?  Have you seen a gastroenterologist about this?
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Hi and thank you for your reply.  Its a gastro consultant Iv been seeing but now they have referred me to endocrinology.  

The consultant had mentioned that it could be dumping syndrome but he didnt tell me what it was and didnt diagnose me.  Its been happening all day today and has left me feeling so drained.
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It does sound classic for dumping syndrome. This is when food passing into the duodenum from the stomach faster than it's supposed to and fluid is sucked into the intestine from the bloodstream. This results in a near shock with lower blood pressure and rapid pulse. Foods high in simple sugars are the worst while complex carbohydrates such as starches must be broken down some before they become osmotically active and pull fluid in. Another point of advice is to eat your meals "dry" and consume fluid after the food. This tends to slow the emptying. A simple gastric emptying study should give an answer.
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Alyssa, do you ever feel like you need to desperately need to sleep when this occurs? Do you have any instances of what could be called 'brain fog', rashes, production of large amounts of phlegm or other symptoms that don't seem to be correlated to what you're currently going through? I know it's a long-shot, but I'm wondering if there could be a possibility of food intolerances.
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I am always tired so I cant really say its connected to the feeling I get.  Not too sure what you mean by the brain fogg thing to be honest and I do have a build up of phlegm at the back of my throat.  Saw the endocrine consultant last week and he wants further checks done as my glucose tolerance readings were not average.  He mentioned the possibility of a non cancerous tumour on the pancreas but not gonna think about anything like that unless its diagnosed.  Consultant seemed brilliant so trusting he will find out what it is.  Thanks for your reply
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thank you for your reply
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So what was the final diagnosis?  I have similar symptoms. Thank you.
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I just started having symptoms of being faint after eating. It usually occurs immediately after I finish, sometimes before. And usually lasts about 15 minutes.
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