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Feeling very sick and no one can figure it out

I have been constipated for most of my life--since my teens but it has been a lot worse for the past 5 years. I just can't go at all. It takes me two weeks to pass a small "dropping" and I know to avoid certain foods that cause me the worst pain because I simply can't digest them--such as pasta or bread. When I eat pasta or bread I need to be in a fetal position for hours from the pain. Last year I just about had it. I went to see a specialist who ordered a colonoscopy and a cat scan. The colonoscopy showed internal hemmrhoids--from the pushing and little else. The cat scan showed that I had ovarian cysts. I was diagnosed with Lazy Colon and put on Amitiza which simply doesn't work. (I have tried Mirilax, Amitiza, Zelnorm and Dulcolax to no avail) I was also tested for celiacs and that came up negative.

I went to my OB/GYN and planned surgery for this month thinking that the pain (on my left hand side, right under my ribs) and by my ovaries, too could be the cysts but yesterday i hit bottom.

I woke up and I felt a throbbing pain under my ribs. I ran to pee and it took me 45 minutes to poop scary black tarry stools. I have had a high fever on and off and all that helps me is hot fluids. They provide some temporary relief from the pain. I called my primary care dr who made an appt for Monday. She ordered me off all my meds and told me to take in fluids only all weekend.

In short, what could be causing me all this pain? I can't stand for long periods of time and I am experiencing fatigue. I am only 31 and scared. What should I ask and tell my dr on Monday and what should be done about this?

Please help!

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Have you been tested for Celiac?  It's a blood test.  It could be many things, what other tests have been performed?

If the constipation is still persistent you can get some magnesium citrate at your local pharmacy, I had to take this before because nothing else would work.  You can't take it on a regular basis but it will get you through the weekend.  It will definitely flush you out and make it easier to stand, etc. (when I get constipated I can't stand up straight either!).

Drink lots and lots of water, the magnesium citrate will dehydrate you.
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Could be, since ovarian cysts have been found, you may have a tendency to get cysts in general, and any of them can get pretty large, so perhaps you've got one that is blocking up your digestive tract.  The black stools can indicate bleeding, so could be things have gotten a little out of hand in your abdomen.  I don't know when your surgery is scheduled, but with you having a fever and possibly blood in your colon, it's a good thing you're seeing your doc Monday... they might want to move that surgery up a little quicker, but that doc should know if it's an emergency or not.  

Stay in bed all day today, take your temperature every few hours, try to have someone come around and visit you or at least talk on the phone with you sometime today.  If your temperature rises above 104, go ahead and get a ride to the emergency room.  But it might also be a good sign that you finally had some digestion, even though it was painful and didn't look right.  

Let us know what happened after your doctor visit tomorrow.  If your doctor sends you home, but you once again have pain and fever like you did Friday, then definitely go straight over to the ER at that point.  Fever and signs of internal bleeding, along with a history of cysts, is nothing to fool around with.  
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