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Feels like my stomach can’t growl and my throat can’t release a burp.

My stomach feels like it wants to growel, but can’t. It seems like the esophagus from the top of my stomach all the way to my throat is feeling full/pressure. The main place that I feel it is at the top of my stomach. It also kind of feels like I am having a hard time getting food down even though there’s no food in me, which makes my esophagus overactive.

I primarily feel it at the top of my stomach, so maybe it’s the sphincter at the top of my stomach that is having issues. It’s been feeling this way for the past two weeks. I can’t figure out what caused it. Maybe too much coffee, yerba maté and mushrooms? I’m fasting and I hope that helps. Any ideas what it might be? I don’t feel heartburn and it makes no difference whether I am eating food or starving. I can swallow and get food down with no problem. When my stomach growls it feels good/like slight relief. Maybe a tumor is growing in my esophagus? Perhaps at the sphincter at the top of my stomach?

Feels like my stomach can’t growl and my throat can’t release a burp.
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Hi James, I am not a doctor nor a nurse, but I have suffered from the symptoms you are describing. I was checked up by my General practitioner and I suffer from mild functional dyspepsia. Here are some pieces of advice I got and frankly, most of them have worked.
Try drinking sparkling mineral water with your meals. The carbon dioxide will help you burp.
Add fresh ginger to herbs infusions after meals.
Avoid any raw nut drink, like soja milk, and raw fruits in the morning. It can add to the discomfort because it will "irritate" the gallblader.
Avoid foods that have a high acidic content, like tomatoes (trust me, I found this the hard way).
Avoid eating slouching and go for a walk. Both are great to prevent indigestion.

I hope this can help. I'd advise you to still seek medical advise.
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