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Fever,Appendicities,Tonsilities (I think)

I first had a fever (I have no idea how high) and a severe body pain. And after a day at midnight i woke up having an abdominal pain and felt like i should take a dump. So , i went to the toilet and tried very hard. But, couldnt.I vomited (very little).And then i slept. I had no pain in the other morning but had fever in the afternoon.And then the next day, i started feeling pain in the right side of the lower abdomen (Morning). Atnight, I also devoloped a swollen tonsils and i couldnt eat.
FYI: I dont really feel like eating, but when i eat there is no problem. I could eat a whole pizza. And no to nausea, i guess.I dont really feel like vomiting. I guessed the pain in the abdominal region is appendicitis
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A complete clinical examination may be necessary for accurate diagnosis and management. Your symptoms are suggestive of appendicitis. A physical examination and ultrasound may be necessary for correct diagnosis and management. Few other conditions that mimic appendicitis are Meckel's diverticulitis, PID, inflammatory diseases of the right upper abdomen like perforated duodenal ulcer, gall baldder disease, liver abscess etc.Right-sided diverticulitis and kidney diseases also present with similar symptoms. See a doctor. Treatment will depend on the underlying cause.
Best luck and regards!
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