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Fever with ulcerative colitis yes it happens

I have had ulcerative colitis for 30 years and in the past 10 years, I get an intermittent fever with it.  It is debilitating enough with the blood, mucous, loose stools and the abdominal pain, but the fever just wipes me out.  And yes I have had infectious disease doctors test for everything under the sun to no avail.  It is the UC!!  It comes on more in the evenings but lately I have had it all day.  Please do some more studies to realize this happens to us and we don't have an underlying cause.

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Is this a question or a statement?  I have microscopic colitis when I have a flare yes I get a fever.  Uc is an autoimmune disease as I am sure you know your immune system is attacking  your body so to speak.  So when your immune system senses something wrong it will cause a fever because your immune system is trying to "burn off" whatever is making you sick like when you have the flu a fever is supposed to burn off the virus (that's why I don't take a fever reducer when sick because it will take longer for your body to knock off the virus-catch 22 imo).  
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