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Fishers in anus

I need advice, i have had pain in my anus after bowel movement, a strong itch, burning and a soft of pulling around the anus area for about 6 hours after bowel movement.i always thought they are piles and spent a fortune buying medicine off the internet. lately i visited my GP who looked at those cuts and said they are fishers...finally came to know...she is referring me to a surgeon im in my wits...worried....this pain is unbearable...i hate it ...what should i do...i am taking fibre to soften stool that's ok at one side but can fishers heal themselves...or surgeon has to drain them out or what..im embarrased about it.....please please help
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I am right there with you. As I write this I recovering from the 8 hours of pain. My fisher is inside and every time I have a bowel movement it’s like going to heel and staying for a 6-10 hour visit. I can't bear the pain either. This is my second episode for the year, so yes they do heal it just takes a long time at times. I have gone to my family doctor, who referred me to my first specialist; on Friday I actually had to go to the emergency and thankful they gave me a strong enough pain killer after the first one didn't work. It was a waste other than that. I had been to my specialist and I knew what it was and tried to explain but they just didn't get it so I asked the emergency doctor to be referred to a specialist again. The first specialist gave me this ointment (Diltiazem 2%) and it had worked previous times but it just was taking too long. So for off I went for a second opinion. This doctor explained the whole thing to me. What fishers were, showed me where mine was located and why the spasms, pain and burning was occurring. The walls of you rectum are made up of muscle, there is an inter and outer muscles, the inter muscle we can control and the out our bodies know when they need to be used. He went on and on, and I left educated. What he said that throw me is the ointment that I was given by the first doctor was the same he would have prescribes but it does takes 6 weeks to fully work. WAW! He also mentioned that I could have a surgery done where they would go in and cut a part of the muscle and it would relieve some of the tension causing the fisher. BUT I don't know if I am ready at 32 for the side affects; except today I was seriously considering it. Side effect like not being able to control you bowel and wetting yourself and letting air out without knowing. Really all I want is for this part to be over it never lasted this long especially when I use the ointment, drink lots of water and take a stool softener but is hanging around and it literally have me paralyzed. Today I called my family doctor and she prescribed a muscle relaxant called xylocine gel but I couldn’t go out to pick it up. Driving is impossible when I am the way I was today. I am better now but I fear that tomorrow when I go it’ll be back again. I don’t know if I help but sharing is always good. Good Luck and I hope you get the answers you are looking for. If you have any questions I would be happy to try and help. T23.
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thanks very much for the whole lot of situation so now you are feeling better i gave a call to my GP and she said all the blood tastes are normal so one good thing....she forgot to sent the referral letter to the specialist so she will do it now...what a joke here! anyway, the pain is better these days so not complaining much but want to get over it  soon
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I amd twenty three years old, and went to the doctor today and was told I had fisher. I had a lot of blood coming out of mine, did yall? My doesnt seem as painfully as yalls must be but I think I cover the pain up b/c  I was just so scared to go to the doctor! This maybe a little crazy but I took a picture with my phone of the blood one time and the amount and the doctor was in shock. Can you please tell me when you went to your specialist what they did. I have big problems with being touched and even today with him just touching, not sticking anything in there I started to cry b/c i was nerves. He didnt tell me much about them I learn more reading your two comments. Can you please help me out any more!
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well what can i say i do not have alot of blood infect very little blood but they get bigger and explode and yellowy substance come out they are very painful at times...i just curse myself..it has been two weeks since i visited my doctor and she said she would send a letter to the specialist who may drain them out but no call so far the health system is **** here..anyway keep on drinking loads of water and do a bit of exercise as well...i ordered online herbal oil so waiting for this to arrive to start using it...
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So I still dont know what fishers are, I was told it was like a deep cut but someone but now I just dont get it???
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can anyone tell me about a non sergical treatment
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Problem in Anus is result of our bad habit of fooding . I am also suffering with this. I have experinced that this problem is more when i consume oily spicy food with high protein and starch it is sure that i am inviting problem. my doctor has suggested me to give more time in eating for less quantity, consume high fibre food lots of water salad fruits and water . Operation and pain killers is not remedy. I am fully convinced with my Doctor and now when ever i feel pain that is because of violation of routine  
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this site here is really helpful http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anal_fissure
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i operated for Absus near anus 10years back.Afetr operation som part is heal but after taht there is a  continius pain and pus started  i want to avoid risk of operation so i started ayurvedic medicine during the period a big bowel comes and burst witha lot of pus it hapeens 10 years continiously with shorter to longer period now i shift to homeopathy though the are is becaming smaller day by day but it is not healing at all pus is there after the motion  pus get collected in that area as per physician it is sinus i also face the problem of minor fisher  at 10 o'clock position near my anus waht do i do
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Guys it called an Anal Fissure not a fisher.  Just in case you are talking to a doc they might not know what fisher is.  

sweety333, You need to see a specialist and have this looked at you may need surgical treatment if this has been going on 10 years.  You obviously have an infection if there is pus and you do not want to become septic from an infection that could be cured if you would go to the dr.
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after reading ur detailedpost about fisher and healing prosidure,,i compell to post u bout my symptems,actually i have piles(hemorrhoides)since last 5 years.i had bleeding fisher ,but last yr i operated my piles,becouse i try all ointments like xhylocaine,nitroglyco gel etc but it worked temporary,
now i notice that same symptoms came back and start bleed after passing stool,i went  to my doc he advice me to strictly observe my food habits like lot of water,fiber taking and exercising,sitz bath etc
i bleed with passing stool,even when it softer.
my doctor also advised to take iron n multivitamins capsoles with nitroglycrine cream but i quit iron intake bcoz i feel it is constipating me,
Can u please tell me what medicines should i take to stop bleeding and iching after passing stool,
anybody try Zinc oxide paste????......i read in this site that it also helps for fisher,itching...
so anybody used it???
or can i apply this wid my other ointment????

reply soon plzzz!!!!!
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.My wife was diagnosed with anal fissure, after several days of sever pain, and light bleeding. And after using all sort of ointments, doctor tried Botox, nothing worked, finally surgery date was set, but severe pain continued specially after defecation, I advised her to sit in warm water with Epsom salt, only 2 to 3 inches of water, it helped with the pain, so she followed it religiously twice a day, specially after defecation, and now after 20 days her fisher has healed and we have called of the surgery.

During this time, she’s been taking fiber substitutes and stool softer, with reasonable water.
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I do have a fissure it all started after my major opperation.My doctor says it came from my trauma.I have this now for three months it hurts like hell,but I found I bathe it with hot water it feels good,But it doesn't last longer than 1/2 an hour so I pop A tylonell 3 agout every 7 or 8 hours.Please if there is a better way let me know
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I have a fisher and have been in an awful lot of pain. After every bowl movement I have a lot of pain for at least  1 to 3 hours sometimes, and sometimes all day.  Be Careful with the Tylenol 3. One Specialist prescribed Tylenol 3 for my pain. However, when I went to seek a second and third opinion I was advised by both doctors that  Tylenol 3 causes constipation.

Now I am taking Motrin 800 mg. which is much better. I also was advised of a "grandma remedy" which makes me feel a lot better and like their is healing hope.  The remedy is to get a red hot water bottle from the pharmacy that you can use both as a colonic or douche.  (It has all the materials included in the box.)  Fill it up with warm water (not hot) and a little soap residue from a bar of soap.  meaning fill the bag with water as it runs over the bar of soap.  Use the bag as colonic and let the soapy water flow up into the rectum area until you feel like the water is ready to gush out.  (Believe it or not.  That was the greatest since of relief because it cleaned out the area inside.)  Then I take a "sit " bath in water as warm as i can bear.  Then I dab the area dry, squeeze Betadine Solution (which kills germs in minor cuts and scrapes) on to a gauze pad, and then dabb the exterior area clean.  Get another gauze pad and put Betadine solution on it again and hold it on the entrance to the rectum area to try to do extra cleansing of the area to take place. Take the tip of a Q-tip and apply enough of Neosporin all around and on top of Q-tip.  Take the tip of the Q-tip and try to insert very little of tip  if it hurts but enough of the tip to get a little bit of the Neosporin in near the fisher area.  After all of this,  I have no pain - which is a miracle.  Now the only problem is having to do this after every bowel movement, and if you work outside of your home that becomes very difficult.  Weekend are much easier to get more relief.  Anyway, I hope this helps someone.  Doctors should recoomend these natural home remedies.  Godd Luck!!
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I have read all your comments about this issue and I think I'm having the same issue don't know for sure but I have dealt with constipation all my life and now i have this extreme pain when I need to have a bowel movement have been in the ER twice in the last two weeks for what I thought was just constipation issues but now that my ob gyn mentioned it could be a fissure and I've read your comments I'm scared it might be. This pain is worse than having a baby which I just did a month and a half ago. Does anyone know if this is something that can come on suddenly or are you born with the problem? And I saw someone mentioning something about seeing a specialist, what kind of specialist did you see so I can get in to see one myself? I would appreciate any information you have for me, I have had a very hard month and a half I had a baby that had anencephaly and died after 4 days and then had to have a D&C for leftver membranes and then got a blood clot in my leg that I am also dealing with and now I have this issue which started just a few days after I got out of the hospital with the blood clot.
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I don't know if I do, but its on the tissue, but not in the toilet. Also, it kinda hurts when I do my business. Kinda. Is it fishers cut or is it something else?? Please help.
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My 9 yr old has a fisher for the second time he bleeds heavy when its bad , the hospital has gave him lactose n said try a high fiber diet , which i know will work as my brother had the same problem as soon as he changed his diet n didnt rush on the toilet it cleared up , so i hope this work's for my little man soon as he hates going to the toilet :-(
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it is muscle skin around it that skin what tear each time  the muscle tighting
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I have had same issues for over 2 years. Was too embarrassed and proud to go to Dr. I just thought it was hemhoroids and tried all the lotions creams suppositories and wipes I could buy. I always had cream in my pocket in case I had to go to restroom. Finally pain was more than even I could bare. Went to family Dr. and after his exam which in my opinion made everything way worse. He sent me to a gastrointestinal surgeon. The surgeon didn't even do the whole finger in ripping me a new one exam like the first Dr. He pulled my buttock apart and said oh my you have two large fissures. Prescribed nitroglycerin ointment 3 times a day. I tried to apply but I guess the pain and my fingers were too big. Went back to surgeon a couple of days later and told him to skip all and do surgery. He said no the pain and recovery wad too much and too long. So he said plan B is now in place. I'm scheduled for a colonoscopy tomorrow. They are going to look inside and while I'm mocked out they are going to give me Botox injections to relax the muscles down there. I'll keep you posted.
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What a nightmare you guys! Well, I began having rhoids 3 years ago at age 35. I believe it is hereditary. I went to a doctor after I began having symptoms. He did a coagulation procedure where he burns the inside around the whole anus and it cures and prevents the problem. BUTT, I had a fissure that broke open again after a hard BM (3 years later) and that area needed to be re-treated. This time he gave me the cream with diltiazem, lidocaine, and tetra. I was looking up that cream and found this forum. I had to let you know about this wonderful treatment and I am so thankful that docs are out there performing it. Also, I was able to alleviate pressure and shrink this last rhoid before I went in to see him. THANK GOD! I went to the dry sauna twice. That helped a lot. Then I poured some witch hazel on a cotton ball and left it pushed up to the rhoid on the outside of my anus. That was a tremendous relief. Then I sat sideways in my bath and used water as hot as I could stand along with bath salt, drain and reheat. The doc said I will be using this cream for a long time to help heal this fissure. So get treatment people! Please don't sit there being shamed, helpless, and useless. Let's go!!!
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i was 24 when i got the surgery done i worried about the same things am i going to leak or pass gas without knowing but the pain was so bad that it didn't matter i could deal with that what i couldn't deal with was the burning and sharp pains and not even being able to sit down i just had a baby too so i needed to be able to care for him and it got to the point where i couldn't do anything but lay in a fetal position crying wishing it would go away but the only time was when i was a sleep so i would recommend you get the surgery and not have to live in pain the recovery is only a few days and then you will start to feel brand new:)  oh i had it done two years ago
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ive just had a colonoscopy at sutherland hospital sydney, i have extreme pain after takn a dumpn, the dr has just confirmed my pain as a fissure not sure how its spelt ...what a great site this is im 43 male and truck driver...my pain is excrutiating and i must sit on my bum last 3 months drive my truck 10 hrs a day /6 days a week...beeen told i need 3 weeks off /cant do financially, i will buy an air ring ,women use after child birth and put cream on that was subscribed to me has a mild anesthetic Rectogesic ointment +lots of iboprufin ,my pain lasts all day ..it is embarrassing but im more intent on cureing myself ..i talk to who i have to about it ...you will be surprised what feedback you get when you talk about it ...im still pissed off a;ll the time about it , but i do have good and bad weeks sundays are rest days lying down as much i can ,no pressure on the area helps ....1m also 143 kgs 6ft so like a beer , but eat plenty veges ..my truck seat may be to blame as is thin cushioned /air seat that slopes forward where my *** continually slips forward on when i brake
  i also take powder metamucil soften the ****.....goodluck it sux
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You might try the old fashion remedy of mineral oil. The problem with an anal fissure is that the pain results in spasm of the anal sphincter which puts pressure on the sore place and decreases blood flow which slows healing. Nitroglycerin has been effective in increasing blood flow and hastening the healing but is frequently limited by the severe pounding headaches that it causes. The other problem is that the area is constantly reinjured with each stool, especially if you have firm stool. The mineral oil, taken orally in a dose of one to two tablespoons daily, acts as alubricant to minimize th e reijury and let the fissure heal. As a surgeon, I hardly ever need to operate on patients for this as I have found that the vast majority of these patients dramatically improve with this treatment. As an aside, the surgery doesn't actually address the fissure, it just cuts the internal portion of the sphincter which takes some pressure off ands allows it to heal.
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m also suffering form the same case as ur's. . .(exept operating)
I actually tried to stop thinking about dis problem(as consulted). .but its all r just talkative quotes,we cant stop thinking wid our body problems. . i realized well now.
Operations on fisher are not gud all times,i know too many people who r facing more trouble after operating. .so most probably try to use aayurvedic medicine,which can take more time but can fully prevent ur trouble. .
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