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Flat black specks in bowel movement

I was reading a closed post where someone said their doctor said it was normal and not to worry.  Recently i have tons and tons of flat black specks in my bowel, yet nothing else is wrong with it or my body.  I was wondering what the doctor might have said was the problem.  Was it non-digested food?

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research Morgellons black specks. I have it. started in stool. Keep it at bay before it gets worse. It is systemic. Try some remedies. No cure yet, not considered real. people pegged as delusional just like first aides patients were treated. It is real.  Had I known the symptoms I might have avoided the horrific skin affliction. Ther is a gastro doctor studying this and doing colonoscopy studies. dont know name but look for him.
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Ok. This is 2020.  Nine years later.  Where is the information?  What the hell is going on with these black specks?  I've had them for eight solid months.  and They feel like parasites. They begin to itch and give the sensation of movement. Doctors are useless to do anything about it. "looks like skin" my doctor said. Oh, really, I said. So what, my skin is black around my ass?  Come on. Give me something I can work with here.. this affliction has made me very doubtful of the ability of doctors to find creative solutions. They use "delusionary parasitosis" as a catch-all for many different kinds of infestations they don't understand. So instead of helping, they CREATE the patient's insanity by doing nothing.  
So, I doubt it is an infestation and more to do with your GI tract.  Intestinal issues or kidney problems are most likely to cause black specks in your stool. You also may have an issue with your liver. https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/321253  Or are you talking about the skin around your anus?  A gastrointestinal doctor will help you best, not your gp.  
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hi shanbr.
i had the same problem and asked my doc about it. she didn't think it was anything to worry about. just to figure it out for myself, i began tracking the issue and noticed that the black specks happen when i'm taking my citrucel (insoluble fiber dietary aid; i take the tablet form). it goes away when i stop my citrucel.  
by the way, this is not to diss the citrucel; it does its job quite well. the specks are pretty weird, tho.
hope this helps
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