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Flatuence filtration underwear

There is so many sufferers that are embarrassed to speck out about gastric problems- My boss suffers from functional dyspepsia and can understand the true problems it causes in life. Because there is so many people that have all kinds of diseases that cause flatulence problems Paul set out to design an unique kind of underwear called Shreddies. He's designed underwear that filter out any bad odours, the odour passes through activated carbon that is sewn into the rear panel of underwear and has proven to be successful with the backing of De Montfort University testing labs. The garment is getting a lot of media interest so hopefully this will get people to speck more openly about a very common and serious problem.

To those that don't have the social life they should because they are frightened that someone may detect an embarrassing problem this may be the solution. It you just type 'My Shreddies'  into a search engine you will be able to find the site.

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