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Flatulence for 4 months

For the last 4 months I've been dealing with constant flatuance, every couple minutes, and constipation.

My symptoms are increased appetite-I have to eat every few hours, or get hunger pains and my stomach rumbles.
A lot of flatuence, that is every day, and very often, it rarely smells, but there also feels like there is constant churning/rumbling in my stomach almost as though I feel my food being digested, and it makes lots of noise.
I also have frequent headaches, and already suffer with anxiety, but this has made me increasingly stressed.

I've grown up thinking I'm lactose intolerant, and have had constipation for years but mostly ignore it. I also do already limit my dairy in take as much as possible, but this is difficult at school at home, as they have few substitiutes. But I have noted a huge difference other the last few months where I have gas every few minutes making social situations and school very difficult as I'm constantly worried about it.

I've noticed myself also become increasingly tired, and can't talk about this with my parents, as frankly I'm embarrassed, I haven't seen a doctor either.

But it's now effecting my daily life and is making me, more unhappy everyday, as I'm constantly on edge.
I also have a healthy diet, my bmi is normal, and I haven't changed my diet recently.
Any solution would help, as this is now becoming unbearable as it is stopping me for being comfortable in public at any time.
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I'd recommend making a big effort to cut out the dairy all together- see how that helps, if it does.  Also, you need to be seen by a doctor in person in order to get some answers.  It's very important to get into a doctor so they can give you a diagnosis and help you with some relief.  
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