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Food not digesting

I just got over an H. Pylori infection in augest, the ulcer symotoms have cleared but ever since then i have had extreme difficulty digesting food. Every time I eat my stomach gurgles and hurts for an hour or so, and then i get extremely bloated up in my cheast, it usually makes me feel like i ate too much, so i get really nautious and dizzy. I have to take Gas-x 4 times a day just to be able to burp.
When my stomach is empty it get hunger pains so bad it feels like i'm being socked in the stomach, and somtimes if i dont get hunger pains, i wont feel hungry at all, but my stomach will spazm and contract really hard, sometimes this will go away if i choke something down like a banana.
Ive been to the doctor 3 times and the ER once and they have no answers for me. They re-tested for H.Pylori- that was negative, they did a complete ultasound of my stomach and didnt find anything.
Every medication and digestive suppliment i have taken has either not worked or made it a lot worse. I know i am now lactose intolerant, and i've heard about an allergy to gluten, but i get like this when i eat anything, even if i stay away from gluten. Does anyone have any suggestions. It's hard trying to diagnose myself.
Any information would be greatly appreciated. I'm desperate
Thanks- Jess
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