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Food poisoning, flu, or...?

First thanks for spending the time to read! I am a healthy 16 year old male

Wednesday morning I went to school with a very annoying stomach ache. I came home and it didn't go away. I went to school the next day, almost same amount of pain. This pain was across the front of my stomach and the pain pulsated in and out (20 minutes pain 10 minutes no pain ~roughly, of course). I went home early because it hurt so bad. Friday I was back in school. The pain improved throughout the day Thursday and Friday it still hurt but much less pain and the intervals much less. Friday night I ate rice and beef and became quite Nauseous for the first time. What do I have...the flu? How much longer will this last? Also, throughout this whole time I have NOT had a fever.

With regards
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   There are many types of food poisoning. A doctor would
have to do diagnostic tests to determine the specific cause.
If this doesn't improve or worsens in anyway it would be
important to make an appointment with a doctor.
Then they could follow up within their clinical discretion
as to what to do next.
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And constant headache
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Also I had diarrhea weds and Thurs but it went away
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