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Free fluid in pelvis

I do not have ovarian cysts, but my ct scan showed free fluid in my pelvis are there any other causes for this?
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I recall I looked into this before for myself and it is considered normal to have a small amount of free fluid in the pelvis.  If you do a search, you will see that can be present at any time during the menstrual cycle.  A follicle, which is normal, is a cyst filled with fluid that ruptures when you ovulate.  It is considered a functional cyst.

  If there is a large amount of free fluid, however, then they may be concerned.
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Thank you for the info.
My CT scan showed a "significant amount" of free fluid but no cyst. and I did do some research and realized that, that can happen when you cycle like you mentioned, and I had just gotten over my cycle when the scan was done so I figured that was the cause since I had no symptoms of a cyst or any other gynecological disorders ( thank god )
Thanks again for your reply
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You're welcome & to be on the safe side, since the radiologist said "significant amount", you might just ask your doctor if you could schedule f/up  study by way of ultrasound/sonogram at a time where you would be expected to normally have the least amount of free fluid and see what the results are then.
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