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Frequent Bowel movements without any health issues

I am thin and have 3-4 bowel movements a day. This is normal for me and I never remember having lesser bowel movements. The poop is normal and not thin and liquid (only sometimes). The more I eat more the visits. I had done blood, urine and fecal tests but have found nothing odd with the results. I have visited all types of doctors (Allopath, Homeopath and Ayurvedic) none of them could find a solution. What could be the possible cause. It is very irritating as well as embarrassing.
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Do you have an urgency to use the washroom?

Have you looked into an IBD or IBS? Get a look at the inside of your intestines and see if there's anything abnormal; that would be my first suggestion.

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I have had sonography done.
3-4 hours after having food I always need to use washroom
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