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Frequent abdominal pain and diarrhea

I've been having stomach problems for about 2 months now.
Every 1-2 days I get a stomach ache during the day and it is usually followed by diarreha.

- Frequent dull pain in center upper abdomen, just above the navel.
- Usually the pain is followed by bloating and cramping in lower abdomen.
- Loose watery stools. No blood appears to be present.
- When I get these stomach aches I usually have 2-3 bowel movements that day. Normally I have 1 BM/day.
- After bowel movements I usually feel a bit better, but some dull pain usually lingers.
- Occasional gurgling sound if I push/suck in out my abdomen.
- Sharp pain in lower right abdomen if I sit or crouch for long periods of time.
- No fever

I've avoided dairy products for a few weeks now, and it does not help, so it does not seem to be lactose intolerance. I haven't travelled recently.

I saw my GP a few weeks ago, and I did an abdominal ultrasound, blood tests (for inflammation and H pylori), stool cultures, and a urine test. All tests were normal. My GP prescribed rabeprazole for me. I have an appointment with a GI specialist soon, although any insight or tests questions I could ask about would be appreciated.


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BTW I am a 30 year old male.
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