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Fructose Intolerant

I have had severe stomach pain after eating since I was 5 years old. Given advice from different doctors, like change my diet,  or it's probably nerves, eat at different times, hasn't helped my pain. Now at the age of 18, I finally went through a series of tests. Through a breath test I was diagnosed as being  Fructose Intolerant. The thing is, everything I eat doubles me over with pain. Does anyone else have this issue? I'm so tired of hurting.
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Nancy, if you can calm your GI tract down enough when you've taken the fructose out of your diet you may find that other things don't end up doubling you over at that point in time. When the GI tract is having a problem with food intolerances, it can seem that everything you eat causes problems, probably due to the inner lining of the GI system being irritated just by particulate movement over it's surface, or by 'stretch.'

I think once you get rid of the fructose you'll find you're a lot more comfortable.
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hey nancy,

yeah calgal hit it right on the nail on this one..I too think i'm fructose intolerant and too poor to do the breath test..I spent all my money looking for answers and it looks like it's all about what I ate.

Anyway I am suffering like you for about 4 years now, and have noticed that I can't do soy or fruitose/sugar ect.  So I did a ton of research and i've noticed some people feel better in just days but some it takes a good 6 weeks before you see improvement so for sure don't give up and stay on the diet.  Something else might be bothering you but it could be just like Calgal said, if one thing is ticking off your system it might make it difficult to handle others (dairy..wheat..corn..gluten..fruit..soy...) whatever so stick with it and go super blah diet..rice..spinach..meats..things that you know are totally safe and at the same time avoid sugars/fruit at all costs.  I think my only problem is soy..but it's also causing fructose issues...or maybe the other way around..but either way I'm avoiding both for now until I feel better and then i'll introduce one or the other to see which one really is the problem (Or both) so you could easily do the same.

Hang in there :S least you got an answer!
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