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Functional Abdominal Pain or Kidney Issue?

Does anyone have a history of functional abdominal pain?  My son has been in pain for 8 months now and even though his GI doc isn't convinced he has FAP, I am thinking it may be possible.This is a basic rundown of what he has been through:

- the pain can knock him over, not always, but it can - and does - multiple times a week
- always had lower right quadrant pain
- woken up in the middle of the night due to pain
-  been hospitalized twice due to pain
- no medicine seems to help. He has been on everything from miralax to anti-spasmodics to oxycodone
- before his pain started, he had a month of nausea (and some vomitting) that seemed to come out of nowhere.  
- pain seems worse in the morning
- sometimes I feel like if he gets determined enough he can somehow control them, but he has also missed
  vacations, birthday parties, and outings with friends so other times I am just not sure
- lots of tests - he has kidney stones, but multiple specialists have agreed there is no reason to believe the kidney
  stones are the cause of his pain. He has had 2 CTs, multiple  labs, 3 surgeries to remove the stones (which are
  either still there or came back per a sono), multiple sonos and somewhere around 30 tests according to his patient  
  record. Everything  indicates no cause for the pain.

On a sidenote:
   1) when he did have two pain free months, his sono showed one small stone. When his pain returned, his sono
       again showed multiple stones and hematra but his doctors said they weren't related. His specialists are from
       Childrens and Hopkins so I feel like we are taking him to the best.
   2) Per an analysis, his stones are phosphorus, "carbonate appetite dahllite (100)". Two previous stone analysis
       done this year (as well as one done when he was younger) were not able to give his composition.

As you can tell, I am pretty desparate, and the inernet doesn't offer much about this. Any help would be much appreciated. He has been pulled out of school twice, I have lost all of my leave from work, and he was supposed to go back to school this week but has been unable to.

At this point, I know we will have to somehow help him cope with this pain. But I have no idea how..  .

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I dont have much info about sono, what is meaning of sono?  I hop ur doing great job to find out with ur child doctor. but add liver function test
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Thanks for the reply. The sono is a way to gauge the presence of stones without him having a ct. They can be faulty but because he's a stone former it's the best gauge we have.
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They don't think so. Could gallstones show in the kidney?  Maybe a dumb question but I really don't know. I am going to speak with his doctor about the liver function, thank you for that suggestion!
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