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G-Tube Help!

My Husband 39 years old was diagnosed with stomach cancer (stage 4). We found out in Nov, 07 when was admitted to the hospital for 21 days following the open stomach/intestine surgery, to clear a blockage they realized he had cancer in his small intestines and they could not cut out the blockage or reconnect him, because he had too much cancer in the small intestines. Luckily enough the blockage opened up on its own while they had the intestine out.   We later found out that the cancer originated in the stomach from an ulcer...

The QUESTION G-tube?
To make sure that he does not have another blockage and to make sure he can prevent nausea and vomiting they put in a G-tube.  The first G-tube was bigger, but the balloon deflated and pulled out.  So he had to have another surgery to replace it, they did #2 in the Radiology department and they used a narrower tube..(the tube is too narrow and it blocks up if he eats anything larger than cream of wheat, then he vomits) =-(   We are desperate to have quality of life! Even with the chemo he has an appetite, but the Dr's have not given us much direction as to how to care for the G-tube!  The only answer we can get from the Dr. is to keep it closed for as long as we can and to eat what ever you can tolerate... This possess is agonizing!  If his stomach agrees with the food he eats it takes at least 3-4 hours to feel better after eating a small amount... if it does not agree, it can take all day and he is miserable the entire time! ***most recently his major issues are the Hiccups and a lot of gas, that sometimes makes him violently vomit( like the hiccups, no nausea, just comes on(dry heaves). Any Suggestions on any of this info would be terrific!  Also works for most as far as gradually adding what kinds of foods?

My husbands goal is to live life to its fullest for as long as we have...per the Dr.'s 1 1/2 years if the chemo works.We have done 4 cycles of chemo 5fu for 21 days, and epirubisen (SP) & cicplaten(SP) every 3 weeks.  We are waiting on the 2ND pet scan to see if we are going to possibly do 2 more cycles.

Hopeful for help!

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