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HI all.   I'm in extreme pain as I type this. Need some thoughts and opinions. Last weekend I bought 4 cases of U.S military mre's. "Wishing I didnt"   Well in the first 24 hours of purchasing them I consumed 6 main entrees, 4 cheese spreads, 2 wheat breads, and a couple dessert things as I was stuck at my home and didnt have anything else to eat. I ate so many entrees because I wasnt eating most of the other stuff that was in them.  After eating all of this I became sick later that night and vomited up food and blood. No diarrhea...no fever...The next morning my stomach is killing me and its on fire burning. I went to the ER and was diagnosed with Gastritis. The thing is I have never had any problems with my digestive system before eating these mre's.  Now its been almost 7 days since this happened and my stomach is still on fire with Gastritis and I'm mainly bed ridden.  I am just wondering why this happened. I've calculated how much sodium I took in and it was around 8 grams from this mre stuff. Is that enough to cause Gastritis ? I have heard some athletes take in 8-12 grams of sodium per day... And this was only me eating this stuff for a day. I am also thinking it might be a allergic reaction to all the preservatives they put into this stuff or something?  Has anyone military or anyone in general heard of mres doing this? I do not have constipation! My stomach is seriously inflammed.  I am also worried I have ulcers as its really painful. I have to wait to see a gastro doc as everyone is booked, but this seems like a emergency as my stomach is seriously inflammed and hurting. Is this from so much sodium or preservatives ? or possible allergic reaction? is there chemicals the government is using in these things?
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I don't have an answer exactly, but I do get bad attacks of gastritis set off by the wrong foods.  In particular, too much tomato sauce, paste.  I do have to watch what I eat.  Sometimes a mix of Benedrayl/Maalox will help - other times it won't touch it.  And, I can never get an endoscope scheduled quick enough to see what's happening in there.  Ultrasound, etc. doesn't show inflammation or ulcers.
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