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GERD and chest pain

I'm 32y.o. Male. A month ago I was diagnosed with GERD, doctor gave me Esomeprazole twice/day for 1 week & then once/day for the succeeding weeks (60days total). I am on my 3rd week. My initial concern was my throat as it was sore & painful, after taking the meds it improved, now on my 3rd week of meds, I am having chest pain, a needle-like pain w/c come & go but more on a frequent basis.. It is my first time to feel like this. I check my BP every once in a while and sometimes my systolic goes down (lowest would be 109/83.. pulse 73).

I would like to ask if this GERD or a side effect from the med.

(My father also has GERD for a long time & he's also hypertension)

I am a seafarer and could not easily visit a doctor. Could not be repatriated either due to COVID19.

Any advice for improvement of condition would be highly appreciated as I am only taking care of myself onboard.

Thank you very much.
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hi there.  I think chest pain is fairly common with GERD.  You have touched base with your doctor though as chest pain is something that one should definitely do so!  If you were diagnosed with this and are on medication, and it isn't controlling the issue, I'd call your doctor.  I understand not wanting to go to the doctor physically right now!  But they are often practicing telemedicine with patients to give you input without making you come into the danger zone of their office.  Are you over weight by any chance?  I found my gerd got signficantly better when I became more careful about acidic foods (added in a few alkaline foods) and lost some weight.  
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