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GERD vs Pancreatitis?

For the last few months I have had a constant gnawing achy feeling in the pit of my stomach. I have had labs for liver enzymes all normal, cholesterol all normal (trigs are 224 non fasting), all CMP labs within normal range. I had a complete abdominal ultrasound which was completely normal, (unable to view pancreas due to bowel gas). My doctor started me on kapidex which caused the symptoms to get worse. Dr says it's GERD, but it just constantly aches in the upper quadrants both of them. I am concearned about possible pancreatitis. Can Gerd Mimic pancreatitis? I don't drink alcohol, non smoker, 5 foot 9 inches , 212 pounds, bp normal. everything is normal except this pain. Also of mention I have degenerative disk disease in the lower spine, unknown about the thoracic spine. I am tired of living in constant fear of pancreatitis. I would appreciate any info you could give me. The pain is never so bad I double over and movement tends to aggrevate it. Thanks for any info.
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If all your labs (liver and pancreatic enzymes) are nornal, it would be very unusual for this to be pancreatitis. Typically the only time pancreatitis shows up and the enzymes levels show 'normal' levels is when someone progresses from acute to chronic pancreatitis. So if this hasn't been a condition that's happened several times in a couple of years, the chances of it being pancreatitis is low.

All of the PPIs do not act the same nor do they have the same side-effects. If the doc thinks it's GERD and one PPI doesn't help, make sure to try others. They're not all alike. Also make sure to switch your diet to a GERD-friendly one.
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Thanks for the reply, my dr has not ordered the pancreatic enzyme labs yet, she feels it is GERD related. I suppose without any other symptoms of pancreatitis it would be low. I am a very anxious person so it's most likely a mixture of the two (GERD and Anxiety). I have no fever, no vomitting, no jaundice, I am at a loss.

well thanks
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I have suffered with GERT for 15 years, and the medication I take keeps my stomach acid from moving up my esophagus into my throat. I, too have fear when I am asleep that my stomach acid could rise into throat and I aspirate the acid into my lungs. I stop eating food three hours before I go to bed, and I do not drink beer after 1 PM. Since I am not diabetic, I have not considered  I could have a problem with my pancreas. There is a website with information on digestive and kidney diseases(and pancreatitis) that the National Institutes of Health sponsor. Perhaps you can find some helpful information. I take one Prilosec, 20 mg(prescribed); Prilosec ,10 mg is sold OTC at any pharmacy. Here is the website: http:digestive.niddk.gov. I do not know why, but the website takes you to Google that list the same URL. Click on the Heading, Digestive, and search.

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