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GI/Colon problems?

So for the past 3 months I’ve been experiencing a number of weird symptoms. It started as a severe pain under my lowest lying left rib, and swelling almost as if the organ underneath was swollen and pushing the rib out. I also had frequent small and very mucusey bowel movements. Our family doc said to try omeprazole. Its been about 4 weeks since, and that has eliminated the abdominal pains except for late at night and early in the morning. But I still am very constipated, I can go first thing in the morning but that is it. I don’t ever have the urge to go, but I can feel that my bowels are full so I make myself at least try. The BM is usually very thin, and unsatisfactory. I’ve tried everything from Senna to pure aloe juice. Nothing helps me get back to regularity. I’ve cut out caffeine, I’m drinking tons of water and fruit juices, and my diet is about 90% fruit, nuts/seeds, and veggies. I get random spurts of nausea, especially at night. I also almost constantly feel lightheaded, very confused, and am unable to focus on anything, almost like I’m coming down from a high or something. My vision gets distorted sometimes too. A few weeks back I felt like I was going to black out so I went to the ER, they checked my blood and took X-Rays, everything appears normal. No impaction or anything like that. I’ve lost about 30lbs since the beginning of this and the ER says I definitely need to see a GI specialist. I’m trying to get in, but insurance troubles are prolonging that. So for now, I’m just desperate for answers as to what this possibly could be. Does anyone have any ideas at all? Thank you in advance for any help at all. This has had me very worried.
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I should also note, I am 23, male, and I maintain an active lifestyle. I do not drink, and quit smoking awhile back.
Another note, I get random chills. They last a good while sometimes. And I have not ran a fever throughout any of this. I’m constantly hungry, but whenever I eat anything that isn’t super light, nausea sets in after just a couple bites.
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