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GI Medical Mystery

I've finally given in and resorted to these forum sites. 10 doctors have either misdiagnosed me or just said they had no idea.
My symptoms: chronic constipation with no relief, bloating, gas, cramps, nausea, indigestion. It's impossible for me to burp. I only have a BM about once a week. Unless I'm on my menstrual cycle then I have a movement like three times a day. That's the only time I see my abs. The other 3 weeks I'm a rock hard balloon.
Time period: about a year and a half nonstop.
Failed attempts to fix it: gluten free, dairy free, caffeine free, prescription laxatives and antacids, OTC laxatives and antacids, more water, gas-x and the like, low FODMAP diet for IBS, IBGard, etc.
It's not an allergy. It's not acid reflux. It's not IBS. So what is it? I'm about done with this.
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What tests have been run? Endoscopy? Colonoscopy? Allergy test? Ab Ctscan? Ab mri?
How much water do you drink a day?
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Ultrasound on abdomen, x-rays on digestive tract, allergy test. They said it all looked normal and I don't need an endoscopy
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  Hi....just wondering...have they looked into Mast Cell Disease? or discuss the possibility of over producing histamines?....I have IBS and for yrs have been told so many different things and recently found MCD and over producing histamines seems to be my issue....

I do have PND but not allergies per say...non found....I get welts from mosquito bites....and tend to be the only one bit when out with family.I also was having trouble sleeping....now that I take an antihistamine I can sleep better and I also can empty out more then once a week!

Another possibility is a motility issue....

If possible try a different Dr....Good luck
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time to see a better doctor. did you go to a GI specialist? I had similar problems and yes, they will do those tests first because they cost less, but if they dont show anything, it doesnt mean you are fine, it means you need a more comprehensive test done.
I had blood tests, ultrasound, xray, ct scan, endoscopy, and colonoscopy and they all came back normal. Then I had a comprehensive stool study done and they found a parasite.
I suggest finding a holistic doctor who specialist in GI. They are more open minded, as western medicine doesnt really cut it when it comes to GI issues.
In the mean time I suggest you drink at least 60oz of water a day, add fiber to your diet, take a strong probiotic (30 billion cultures or more), and try Digest Gold, it is a digestive enzyme you can buy on amazon that will help you break down your food. It should help with the constipation.
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Thanks everyone. Unfortunately I've tried almost all of those suggestions. I've gone to every kind of doctor there is in Phoenix. Except holistic. Maybe I'll try that. Thank you.
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Try Berberine 100mg. As usual try small amount and do not overuse
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Sorry for all your discomfort.    I have had every test done and similar symptoms.   The endoscopy showed severe damage to ileocecal valve plus I have all your symptoms above.   The Dr was about to diagnose me with Crohns until capsule endoscopy came back and she said wasnt crohns.    My ESR is extremely elevated as well as my fecal prolactin levels.    Have those checked.     Symptoms not gone away she is now forwarding it to a pathologist (btw I dont believe its cancer) because she doesnt know.   Her best guess is something came in and attached my system and did a lot of damage.  Here is what works for me.

Stay away from processed food as much as possible.   It's hard.   Exception  I do eat white bread.      Its something to consider
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