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GI Problems and Weight Loss

Hello. I am 37, male. Last year, April 2015, i started having lose stool, few hives on arms, legs on and off and general feeling of GI distress. My morning would start with nausea, belching, lose stool, and feeling of being shocked. This would especially happen if I have eaten a day before something fatty and hard for stomach. In 3 months I lost about 25 pounds. When symptoms started i had 215lbs, and by the end of August I was on 178lbs. I did change my diet while symptoms were present, but not drastically. In the meantime i have had Upper endoscopy and Colonoscopy and lower bowel barium series. Everything came back normal. I also had CT Scan and blood work and even HIV test that also came back normal except bit higher sugar (118) and Creatinine (129), Sodium(145). Now, after almost 10 months I am on 175lbs, symptoms mostly disappeared but still have them on and off with some pain in my abdominal area (usually upper left and right sometimes bowels). Dr. said it's IBS, but I don't think it is. Have been taking probiotics every day and I watch what I eat. Not too fat, no sugar, limited dairy, limited wheat and lots of vegetables. Stool is fine now, sometimes not. Anyway, I still can't gain weight, can't move from that 175lbs at all. If i go up 3-4 pounds up I start getting symptoms again. I have appointment scheduled on May 10th with my GI again to further investigate the problem Does anyone knows what is happening?
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