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has anyone been to the GI department at mass general in boston.i have been waiting months to see Dr .Botoman there after my former GI ghosted me after my endoscope biopsy results in june, its been real scary not knowing and not understanding the results.literally since june i have had no medical professional explain anything.  so have no idea  what im deaing with  only communication had been over the portal thats it.i tried to call and speak to this dr who did the endoscope they wouldnt let me speak to him and my follow up was over 2 months away. all it said was no infection, no celiac,no hplori or dyspepsia just linear endrocine cell hyperplasia with the possibility of autoimmune gastritis. i dont even know what the heck that means. i have talked to  people online who had autoimmune gastritis first question they asked me is if i had these type of antibody bloodwork to confirm autoimmune gastritis. no i never heard nothing about anything like that. never even knew that existed.so yeah thats why i am going elsewhere.i want new gi to redo endoscope. its been a very long 5 months.
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