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GI issues

For the past 1 month and never before in my life, I have mucus with hard stools, bright red blood on the mucus, on toilet and paper, light cramp sensation time to time, and my stool and mucus have a sick smell, not my usual poop smell. I never vomited and never had loose stools.
I went to a clinic they tested for parasites and its negative. They tested my blood also, it had all normal levels.
Doctor found an anal fissure, and the mucus is all over my colon.
Family doctor who before suspect shigella now says I have IBS, and recommended seeing a GI doctor specialist.
I don't have insurance, so before I go anywhere, I want to see what someone may tell me here.
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Sounds like you may have hemroids.
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hemroids and constipation. Drink more water and add more fiber to your diet. Also, get a good probiotic (10-30 billion live cultures). See if this helps. I'd also eliminate things that are hard to digest, i.e. dairy, gluten, and red meat.
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