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GI mystery - 4 months diarrhea & no answer!

I have had constant diarrhea (10 x day, wake up in middle of night, every single day) since 10 days after returning from Thailand (10/24/14). I have had several rounds of parasite & bacteria stool tests, including more "specific" tests, all of which have been negative.

I have had blood tests for celiacs, hormone tests for endocrine tumors, and a colonoscopy and endoscopy. All showed normal results.

I have tried 3 different antibiotics (metronidazole, Xifaxan, and another that I can't remember), none of which worked. I have tried cholestyramine, i have tried eliminating dairy, and am now eating only rics, lentils, oats, and steamed vegetables. None of these have worked so far - diet seems to have no effect on my symptoms.

Other than constant and persistent diarrhea, I have zero other symptoms. No pain, no fever, no blood in stool, no cramping, etc.

If ANYONE can solve this medical mystery ($5000 and 3 doctors later) I will give you anything and everything you want!!! Please please help!!
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another thought would be to see an infectious disease specialist.
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Try going to see a homeopathic doctor. They are more open minded and may think to look for things the other doctors have not. I'd suggest you start drinking coconut water (if you arent already) as that will help with dehydration. I can only imagine with all that diarrhea that you are extremely dehydrated, malnourished, and fatigued.
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