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Gall Bladder Inflammation?

I am a 24 year old female. I have been experiencing pain in my lower right abdomen for 8 months now, and the pain is usually right under my belly button and is a sharp pain which can last from 5 minutes to hours. Tha pain sometimes radiates into my leg or back, and rarely occurs in my upper abdomen. I have been vomiting now at least once daily for 2 months, most frequently at night, and it varies from food, to mucus with a brown substance that looks like millions of little slivers. I have had two CT scans of the abdomen, two abdominal ultrasounds, a colonoscopy and upper endoscopy with biopsies, a camera endoscopy, a stomach emptying test, and a HIDA scan of my gall bladder. Everything came up normal, except my HIDA scan, which showed my gall bladder is so inflamed that it is only functioning at 3%. My inflammatory markers have also been elevated, and they have found a little blood in my urine. I have surgery scheduled next Thursday to have my gall bladder removed, but my only concern is that I have been told it is not common to experience lower abdominal pain in association with the gall bladder. The surgeon did say he would look around with the laproscope during the surgery. I was just wondering if any one had my symptoms that were related to the gall bladder?
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Most gall bladder pain seems to be centered just under the right ribs and into the right side higher than yours, and also it radiates into the Back,doid they check your appendix out ,
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My appendix showed up normal on my two CT scans, but when I had my consultation with the surgeon, he did mention it could be acute appendicitis. I was under the impression that appendicitis can't last for 8 months though. The surgeon mentioned that he would take a look at my appendix when they take out my gall bladder, on Thursday, so I guess I will get a definite answer then. Thank you for the input.
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Let us know how you do, Good Luck
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My gallbladder attacks affected me under my bellybutton as well as just under lower rib on the right.
I think my gallbladder disease went on for soo long (8 years) before they found it, that it started affecting other areas as well.

Started causing inflammation of the bowels, sinus and lungs.

I vomited so much and so hard that I aspirated some into my lung now my right lung is damaged.

My biggest advice is ****Do your own research***** as the Doctors failed me terribly.
The only reason they finally found my Gallbladder was diseased was because my friend suggested it and I did research and told them it was my Gallbladder.
Even then they did not believe it until the pathologist report said: (Chronic Gallbladder inflammation with Gallstones)

I am still pissed off as I was so sick for so long and was even cut-off my work disability cause they could not find anything was wrong.

Good Luck

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This is just an update, it has been almost 3 weeks now since I have had my gallbladder removed. The pathology report showed that I had no stones, but a thickening of my gallbladder wall, aka inflammation, cause by cholesterol in the lining, what ever that means. The surgeon, after removing my gallbladder along with the dudium, said he also had to remove some scar tissue because the inflammation had gone on so long. After 3 weeks, I must say I am feeling a lot better, but am still experiencing occasional sharp pain in my lower right abdomen. I also am still vomiting on occasion, but these are no longer everyday occurrences like they were. I am going to continue to hope to improve, because at this point I give up.
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