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Gall Bladder Stones and Bilirubin

I have been diagonosed with multiple gall stones in the Gall Bladder.

Following the diagonosis in a sonograph, a blood test was performed and all liver function tests were found to be normal.

The only other abnormality was the bilirubin count. It was 21.13 umol/L which is 1.23 mg/dl.

I have been advised to under go an operation to remove my gall bladder.

My Question is,
1)  is the elevated Bilirubin count serious.
2) is the elevated Bilirubin count related to the Stones in the gall bladder
3) What will be the side effects of having the gall bladder removed.
4) Can the surgeons just remove the stones and leave the gall bladder there.
5) Is this considered a major operation and what are the risks.
6) Are there any more tests to be done to ensure that the stones are not in any other place connected to the Gall Bladder.
7) Will i still be able to eat usual foods after having recovered from the operation.
8) Will I still be allowed to have alchohol. (I drink moderately, a glass of wine a day)
9) After the gall bladder is removed, is it possible that some stones have got dislodged in the bile duct.
10) I have been told that in a more serious case, I could get pancreatitis or hapatitis if the stones block the duct.

I get a pain in the gall bladder area whenever I eat a heavy meal and hence I have started having a low fat diet as advised by the doctor.
The sonograph result has also shown no inflamation of the walls of the gall bladder.

Apologies for so many questions.

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