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Gall bladder and Back Spasms

I am 49 year old woman and the last few days I have been experiencing sharp back spasm (like a jolt) on my right side middle back under rib cage.  I have been feeling sore around rib cage and it seems worse in certain positions (laying on left side and stretching). About 17 years when I was pregnant, I had kidney stones on both sides and it doesn't feel the same.  Do you think this is gall bladder related?  
Any ideas.... thanks
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When you have this do you also feel sick? Dose it hurt to press on your right side just below the ribs? Is the webbing on your right hand between your index finger and thumb feel congested or like a little pea? Press on your 3rd rib down on the right, lined uu about where your ear is, is it tender? If you answer yes to these then it's most likely gallbladder.
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I do not feel sick or nauseous.  I am tender below my right rib.  It seems like I can "control" the spasms if I don't move in certain positions.  I regularly see a chiropracter (couldn't get in till this coming Thurs.) and have never felt these jolts/spasms before.  As for the webbing between finger/thumb it does not feel different than usual.   I wonder if I should try to see a urologist?  Thank you for your help!
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