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Gall bladder diet

Experiencing ongoing pain on my left lower side. Everything that I eat gives me horrible flatulence. After its been 2years after my gall bladder was removed.
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Hey there.  IBS is very common after gallbladder removal.  I would talk to your doctor about this. There are newer medications that might really help you.  I would go to a bland diet and add things in slowly to see what effect different items have.  You can journal it.  Then you will be left with a safe diet of foods.  Fiber in particular can be tricky for flatulence.  Be careful with all fiber foods and introduce slowly such as nuts, legumes, breads, cereals, vegetables with higher fiber, etc.  Stick to smaller portions too of all meals even if you have to eat more frequently.  And as purple stated, lower fat foods are better.  Sorry it has been hard. These are the common issues people have after gallbladder removal. Talk to your health care provider about them and include a discussion as to whether IBS is involved in the issues you are having. good luck
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You want to avoid any foods with high fat content or that is spicy.  Even things like chocolate should be avoided.  Dairy has high fat content, most of the time- so avoid that.  Keep your diet very basic and do a good variety of vegetables and low fat meats.  
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