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Gall bladder removal and liver hemangioma

I have a large  (6.9 cm) hemangioma on the right lobe of my liver and gall bladder disease w/out gallstones (Hida scan--8% ejection fraction).  It is obvious from digestive symptoms that the gall bladder needs to come out.  However, I am concerned to have surgery due to the hemangioma.  Is there anyone in this community who has a hemangioma and has also had gall bladder surgery?  Despite my surgeon's advice that the GB can come out with no problem, I am still concerned.  Also, are there ways to manage GB digestive issues with more than just no- to low-fat diets?  (I am currently eating almost no fat and still have symptoms daily.)  Thanks for any help or advice anyone can provide.

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I have a similar experience...gallbladder low ejection fraction of less than 20% and many hemagiomas (3 are greater than 5cm in size).  Surgeon has said he can take out the gallbladder but I am concerned about the liver.  He stated it is not a problem.  They simply lift the liver during surgery.  I have taken a couple months so far and still have made no decision.  Has your situation changed since your last post?  Did you have any other tests or diagnosis?  I have pain frequently that is bearable and probably hemangioma pain.  Then every second month or so a gallbladder flareup that lasts a few days to a week.  Please post any progress you have made.  Thanks!
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hi this is a bit related to your story not the gallbladder part but i am asking about the
hemangioma mine is six point fiev cm in dec and i say the dr and he said itis just a hemangiona not to worry about it but i feel some discomfort on my right side under rib casge and center of my chest betweem rib cage what do you think could this mean it is getting bigger could this kill me
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Actually the pain you are experiencing is caused from your gallbladder, not the hemangioma. Hemangiomas are dilated blood vessels that are entangled. They see them as non-cancerous tumors. If they get too big or interfere with other organs, then they remove them. You should be having an ultrasound every 3 to 6 months to keep track of it's growth. If you don't feel comfortable with your doctor not wanting to remove the hemangioma, then get a second opinion. I have a small one that is less then a cm and my doctor said they usually don't do anything with them until they are 5cm or larger.
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I'm going to see my gp tomorrow and see what see says about this matter and I'm going to ask her to set up a ultrasound for me and see whats going on. So they can monitor the size with ultrasound?? I don't want another cat scan.  Do you think it should be removed concerding the size?  It just scares me to think this could kill me i not really sure if it could but i'm upset about it.  I just think the gasternolgerist should have been better about explaing things to me than just to say it's just a hemangioma it requires no follow up.  Do you know what makes them grow?? I'm sure i've had this for years and they found it by accident.  Any other input would be great.
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Most people are born with the hamangiomas and never know they have them. I am very fortunate to have a doctor who explains everything to me in laymans terms so that I can understand everything. (I have high blood pressure and see a cardiologist for that, and he is the one who explained everything to me about the hemangioma.) An ultrasound should be done every 3 to 6 months, depending on the size. I do know that estrogen makes them grow, and they can just grow on their own. As for them killing you, I don't really think they do. You just have to be careful they do not affect other organs. Tell your doctor that you would feel better having it removed if it is stressing you out. After all, you are paying them for their services. You will need to see a surgeon for that. I was surprised to learn that GI doctors do not do surgery, they just do the testing and then refer you to a surgeon. My hemangioma was found by accident also. They were actually doing an ultrasound on my gallbladder when they found it, and like you, it scared me to death. You can actually have quite a few hemangiomas at one time. So by all means, talk to your GP and let her know that you want them to keep an eye on it by ultrasounds. Good luck!
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I can't really help you with your question, but I wondered if you could answer something for me...what are your digestive issues if you don't mind my asking, I wondered because I have several dig issues and have been diagnosed with a 5 cm hemangioma in the liver butting up against my gall bladder as well as a smaller tumor which they say is Focal nodular hyperplasia (also in my liver),
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