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Gall bladder surgery

I have been dealing with all sorts of gastro--- problems for the better part of twe years from severe, chronic diarrhea (finally cured after sufficient tests ordered by my grastro--guy. It was C. dfiicele and cured with two weeks of flagyl after months and months of no explanation or cure from my GP)  to severe nausea, no vomiting, occaional severe stomach pain (my new guy found what he calls mild gastritis but the pictures to me look as though someone took a Brillo pad to the lining of my stomach, treated with Nexium for about 2 months with slowly worsening symptoms), now Questran . I have had all the possible test from colonoscopy to stomach emptying,endoscopy (which showed the gastritis) to CT, to ultrasound (twice)and last a HIDA scan---all normal except the gastritis and the clostridium infection.No food in particular triggers symptoms--I have tried everything and the ones that are supposed to be triggers don't trigger and the ones that are supposed to be easy on the stomach make me deathly nauseated or in pain (never vomiting). I am slender, eat next to no animal fat (olive oil only) and do not have a sweet tooth, but put honey in my ginger tea. Ginger helps some with nausea. Last week I decided o do an experiment or two, and went to McDonald's TWICE on alternate days for a big Mac with cheese and lots of mayo(I otherwise would NEVER go to fast food places like this) and came out feeling fine. but yogurt yesterday left me in pain and cold sweats for hours afterward. One day I had nothing but two smoothies made of bananas, O.J. and non-fat buttermilk ( I am afraid to eat much and have to force it) and came down with intense pain centered under my breastbone and severe cold chills with shivering so hard my bones hurt for 2-3 hours, calmed gradually with plain water and Pepto Bismol. My gastro-guy sent me to a surgeon who is ready to remove my gall bladder ASAP. despite all normal tests. What should I do? There seems to be no rhyme nor reason to the symptoms--never know when I get out of bed in the morning how I will feel that day--sort of OK or just plain awful.

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